Locomotive oil Pumps For sale Bought for a job from Polly Models

I purchased four (4) for two engines under construction for a customer. I bought the clutchless type and found the would not fit the location on the engine under the front buffer beam. The oil pipe come out the side of the tank which made them to low on the engine. The PDF on Polly Models page 42 shows the pipe out the side of the tank.

Tank Size is 1 ¼ “ Square

Pipe fitting is ¼ 40 T.P.I 1/8 or 5/32 pipe

Polly Models will not have returns so I am offering them at a reduced price of £39.00 per tank post free


15 Oct 17

ONLY   1pump left as above


Contact the Sellermailto:scmessec@gmail.com?subject=Your Oil Pumps For sale