May 2019

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Erewash Sunday 9th        
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Sunday 9th

A sunny Sunday morning with one sharp shower of rain which made us tidy up fast, well almost tidy up. It stopped as fast as it started to rain.  Janice was busy gardening. Simon asked if he could have ago at some welding. Dave with Rays  help got the bending rolls out to bend some rail.   

Janice busy trying to hide.

Simon having a go at welding and did a wonderful job.

Have you got a penny for the loo?

Simon cleaning the top off ready for the rails

Jack getting a lesson on Steve's TE


Sunday 2nd Erewash Valley and Steam Up 

 The Erewash Valley club visited us again along with our members they had a steam up and a bacon & egg cob. There was a shower or 2 of rain but this did not dampen the sprits. Not as many members visiting this year as in past years.

The lawn mower getting close to a test run.

And there's me thinking they had dug a hole to put all that soil in.