This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

6th 19th 26/27 Bank Holiday




26 / 27 Bank Holiday Week End

Bank Holiday weekend,   The soil pile is getting smaller on the drive way, well done lads. Peter was asked to do a boiler test by John. Work progressed on the L&B loco. I started the new trolley welding job. The lawn mower got looked at and was found  the cylinder head gasket had blown, hence no compression to start it.

Sunday found a lot of member with there engines running around. Mike pulled his first passengers on the high level track.. Two new members had there mamod  traction engines in steam.

Monday Morning



Sunday 19th

A warm sunny Sunday morning Dave was setting up the fly press for more track clips. Martin was looking in to a broken lawn mower engine. I got tasked with some plasma cutting for another trolley. The lads were setting up for the afternoons booked birthday party. Plus other members were busy moving soil for one thing



6th May Bank Holiday Steam up

A chilly morning at B G. A few members bought there engines to run. We had a few visitors pop in for a ride with Chris on the club loco.