Installation of POND JUNCTION 19 -22 JULY

Photos Taken By G Tyso

A video from the driver's eye view on the new track Click the man on the left

Active X control



As many members will know, the ongoing track replacement programme had reached a stage at which the complete ground level facility was required to be put out of action whilst two new crossovers were installed.  It was decided that a 'window of opportunity' was available between 19th and 25th July 2010, as no events were scheduled.
Immediately after the Garden Party, a small group, lead by David Moseley, removed all the outer track from the North West corner of the site up to the facing point which led into the station.
On Monday 19th July, the writer, assisted by Mike Bentley, removed the facing point and associated rail, so that the revised track layout could be installed.  At the same time, David Moseley was leading a team preparing and leveling the track bed from the North West corner towards the South West corner. In addition, Mike Birkenshaw with another small team was removing all the existing inner loop track panels, as these needed re-aligning for the revised layout.
By the end of work on Monday, the revised track bed was complete and 'wacked', as were the staff!!
Tuesday saw a similar number of members lending a hand, and by the end of work, all the new outer track was installed, as were the two crossovers.
Wednesday saw ballasting being completed, and adjustments to the levels taking place, as well as the re-aligned inner loop being completed.
Thursday was spent making 'final' adjustments, and installing a hand lever to operate the facing point into the station. The first train ran around the circuit around 4.00pm
The ride was good, about 8.5/10 some adjustments inevitably being required.
In all, a satisfactory outcome from a lot of hard, hot, work. Thanks to all of the members who gave their time and effort to achieve this excellent result,
Garry Tyso.


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A big thanks to all the lads who gave up their time for the 4 days so this big job could be done.