Balleny Green Yesteryear.

One of our members has taken video of our club mainly for his own pleasure and his engines. He has made a DVD of it, which I have a copy off and found some very interesting footage of our club. It is dated 1988 and onwards a few years. With his permission I have made these 2 videos to down load. They are very large file so them may take some time.  Hope enjoy them as much as I have making them and looking back at what's changed.

I have received another DVD This time New Years Days steam up 1992 Many Thanks to Betty for allowing me to use it.

This video is 11 minuets running time and 173Mb This Video is 10 minutes running time and 161 Mb This Video is 7 1/2 minutes running time and 85Mb
Updated quality of file December 2014 from 84mb Updated quality of file December 2014 from 76mb  

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