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Tuesday 20th


The frames for the side-tanks being trial fitted. Work on the cab is also in progress, the spectacle plate having been temporarily placed into position.



Mike and Clive stringing up the fairy-lights.



The station at Santa's Grotto is starting to take shape.






Saturday 10th (Bonfire Night Event)


A great team effort underway sorting the material and building the bonfire on the Saturday morning.



Motive power lined up and ready for action


It took a bit of doing to get it going, but eventually it was well alight



The Baron has just offloaded the passengers from the previous trip and is now
pulling forward into the platform  to pick up the next load of waiting  passengers



...........Jubilee does likewise



......and so does Paddington and Stafford







The passenger service on the elevated track was top and tailed by GWR Pannier and Sweet Pea saddle tank up front and a Class 66 diesel at the rear (a not improbable configuration that could occur in full-size today!)





Sunday 4th

The new General Purpose shed (name needed) in the process of being fitted out



Lots of work going on today getting ready for next weekend's Bonfire Night event.
 Adrian & Rodney inspecting the pile of material from which the bonfire will be constructed