This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 4th Sunday 11th Sunday 18th




Sunday 25th

Another change back to lovely sunny, so has spring finally arrived? John was painting the fence posts. We had four engines on shed this morning. John C, Bob B, & Dave with two  locos having a steam test. Bill & Simon with Martin were looking at the signals. Paul & Peter were working on a resided carriage today. Allan was also painting some pond side fencing.   Thanks To Mark sending a few over

John still painting so don't stand still for to long

A busy steaming bay John C, Bob B, and Dave. Bob & Dave need steam test doing.

A busy steaming bay

Bobs new engine having a steam test

Dave's Bassett Lowke getting ready for a boiler test

Allan all by him self today.

Is any one getting wet!

Another view of Bob's engine with the sun shining on it.

Dave's Basset Lowke about to have a team test

Is this the end of the path of half way ?

Paul & Peter busy working on the raised level carriage bogie

Today I fitted a blow down valve to drain water out the air tank and took lots of photos as well.

We turned the tank around after the photo was taken.

Peter painting a new free bee truck

Dave running around happy as Larry with his new loco

Allan thinking that was a good job done. After picking all the onions up by himself today

Cardboard body for the L&B to give us an idea of space for the braking equipment  No welding brilliant idea 

Dave posing in the sun.

Dave's Speedy out for a run after a boiler test.


Sunday 18th

Another big change back to the cold and snow. This was going to make the booked in birthday party even more fun! Not many of the lads were making the site safe moving the snow which was not as bad as we thought it was going to be. Most of us where in the work area keeping warm. Dave & Mark were working on the Basset Lowke. Myself  with Chris G helping fitted the air tank to the driving truck. Brian was fitting a new DRO to the Boxford cross slide. 

Antony and Reece after track checking returning to the station.

The air tank in place and Mark fitted the brass on in the bottom left corn Tuesday.

The brave lot in the wind chilled ride around. Standing about was bad enough.  


Sunday 11th

What a big change in the weather in the past week. Up into double figures temperature wise today. I found, Peter back with his paint brush Ian was having a steam test on his sweet pea loco. Martin was busy on the turn table He had fitted a hydraulic pump and ram to the lift and was fitting a limit switch today. Allan & Rod were in the middle area. There was some track workings going on, replacing old wooden sleepers in a few odd places This was being done by Dave Chris and Steve and his son Reece. Dave & Mark were doing an air test on the Basset loco. I was tasked  fitting an air tank to the new driving truck.

Peter up the ladder again.

Ian with his sweet pea.

Steve and his son Reece Chris in chatting mode with Dave


Chris and Reece fitting a plastic sleeper

Martin in the pit fitting a limit switch to the lift table

The air tank that needs to be fitted in the driving truck. Then a smaller tank some how ?



Sunday 4th

The big thaw after the big freeze. Not many lads ventured out today. It was fairly foggy driving to Little Hay today, But the temperature was rising and was well above freezing 6 or 7 c I noted in the car. I found Dave & Mark working in comfort in the club house on the Bassett Lowke loco. Brian was fitting a new DRO to the Boxford lathe. Janice was making snow person's with I think Jack. Paul had called in and gone

No steam up today lads!

A few members made it out

Mark soldering a stud in one of the tanks Dave was working the other side of the table

Janice playing in the snow. Not a mention of the tea service been re-started, But bostin good cakes we getting.

Sam and Sammy. John two new members to sign up if you hurry

Two late photos Mark sent in