This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

New Years Day 7th 14th




Sunday 14th

Another chilly Sunday morning at BG this was shown by not many lads on-site may not have been the reason but we noted that a few were not about. I found, Peter very busy by himself painting in the club house. Many helpers when he started to do these jobs now only himself! Len with Martyn  were busy sweeping leaves up around the site. There was no on working in the middle area today at all. Malcolm was seen running an engine at one point. In the work area was  Brian in tidy up mode again. Dave and myself did some grinding on the trolley they had made previously . We later set the miller up to mill some steel for the new trolley connection to another trolley. 

Peter getting us all high as a kite on paint fumes

Len moving to the next pace helped by Martyn I was told.

Bog-it engineering at it's best OR You hold it I will play it. Hover pipe broke Yes lads we believe you.

Dave cutting the last corners of the new trolley Then we rounded the edges off to make it look posh

Milling the steel bar to 20mm thick from 25mm thick


Sunday 7th

A chilly Sunday morning at BG after a frosty night. Quite surprising how many members were on-site today. Martin was sweeping the frost off the blue sheets that we put on the Santa station roof and was tiding all that away. Allan, Dave & Rod were Mr Mole catching, good luck with that lads. Bill was busy fixing a sensor in the track. Dave, Mark and Martin were busy on a new trolley for the L&B tender driving truck that's been built  We had a few visitors in which Chris took around on the Hymek with no carriage heating switched on. Chilly as guard I know.  Phil was in steam with one of his locos as well.

Martin sweeping the ice of the blue sheets

Phil getting steam up with his 3 1/2 " g loco

Think he in this hole lads

The requested photo by Dave. There better side I was told.

Moments later it went off in his hand No joking I missed it.

Phil at speed head down bum up thing Oh that bikes.

Chris arriving back after a chilly trip

Chris with a learner on his first of a few laps around


Happy New Year To You All.

A damp start to 2018 we found at BG today. Only a few usual members where wandering around. John C started to get steam up and looked at the rain and dropped his fire. Allan did steam up and run as did Dave on the SM32 with a few other lads.

John and Allan's loco

Denise driving today with her mom & dad having a trip.

All with two new members