This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 4th Sunday 11th Sunday 18th


Sunday 25th    


Sunday 25th

A some, what chilly morning if you got the wrong job in the wind that was about. John and Janice were very busy painting the fence by the station and making a splendid job of as well. Martyn and Len had finished the main area of slab levelling and had moved to the inner raised, track area. Dave & Brian were braving the chilly cutting, trying to lay some slabs later joined by Martin and myself. The ground was frozen making it hard to get our levels.

Looking just the job. Defiantly no tea service now

John busy having a rest posing for the camera.

The path gang have moved and are busy working back around the inner side of the track

Rod looking unsteady on his feet painting a post, after his soggy chips with salt and vinegar last night.

Janice painting the fence panels on the bonfire area. Guess trying to find a duff one to burn and warm up 

The other path gang so far. Now this was a chilly spot to work Frozen grass & soil made digging  hard going as well

Martyn and Lens finished steaming area path all done and sweep just for the photo

Martin Dave & Brian working hard in the wind tunnel.

For a very very small fee in silver, this photo would have not been published 


Sunday 18th

Today the weather was really nice, a good morning to be outside doing something. I found Martyn & Ray relaying wonky slabs in the steaming area. They are doing a really nice job as well. The ticket shed was getting a make over as well. The path gang where hard at it. Mark and Dave were working on the unknown loco which  Peter Mc has done some research on and found out it's a Bassett-Lowke.  I will find out more.  Brian & Chris were working on the L&B  

The new tea & coffee service didn't last long.

Stand by men at work soon

The unknown loco is a Bassett-Lowke 

Dave & Brian working on the new path Chris was about someplace

Martyn in thinking mode

Rod wondering where's the ladder gone!

Brian &Chris working on the L&B cutting a hole in a sheet of steel plate.

The path so far

Dave working hard. Rod making sure he is. Allan's given up making sure he is.


Sunday 11th

What a chilly Sunday morning and the sun shining looked inviting, but by geees it was cold in the little wind that was blowing about. Braving the wind working out in it, was Len & Martyn working away re-laying the wonky slabs and brick. I also found a new project underway. The laying an of slab path down to the work area. This time of year the grass! whoops mud is more like ice to walk on. So Brian & Chris are laying slabs path. Martin was looking at the lift turn table under the canopy. Bill and his new team for the signalling team where on a walk about. Peter and Mark were testing the unknown boiler for Dave in the warm kitchen! Allan & Rod were sizing up their next job laying block bricks around the steaming up area on the SM32. I was asked to do a small welding job and was later helped by Mike to make a bracket for an air bake cylinder for the L&B tender

Martyn and Len hard at in the cold wind

Martyn having a warn making a few sparks making the chisel safe to use.

No comment

The start of the new path

Chris posing for the shot.

The lads still working hard.

Bill with two new members to the left and Simon to the right on the walk about of the signalling system

Rod on his special duty job over seen by Allan 

Martin in the pit of the turn table lift.

The unknown boiler holding pressure Any special ingredients needed lads!!!!! 

The path taking shape


Sunday 4th

A hive of activity this morning at BG. The sunny morning bought out the members and visitors to see what happening.  I was a little later than normal and found Chris with the Hymek giving passenger rides. Peter with Marks help was checking an unknown boiler.  Martin's job from last week had got bigger and was helped by Len and Phil. Tony was in steam on the raised level track. John C was turning some alloy blocks for himself on the big lathe. Chris B, John C & Mark D were busy in the work area along with Brian working on the L&B and myself doing some welding jobs. I did hear that we had, had many visitors pop in for a ride

Peter checking a 3 1/2" G boiler of un known maker or model

Martyn digging a hole. Is it in the correct place we are asking

Chris arriving back in the station

Tony with a young learner driver

Tony and learner on route some place.

Chris B driving truck has moved on a pace "Steve I need some welding done"

Phil started on his own job first. Surface grinding the other cylinder of his loco

Chris with one of our new joiner members Reese and his dad enjoying a sunny ride  

John C on the big lather making alloy chips

Janice with a tray of tea This is a new service I have noticed.

A one person slab lifter

The slab lifter for two workers

Chris B milling some brake parts for his truck

Phil and & Martyn filling the hole back in Was in it the wrong place we ask?

Reese with his dad arriving at platform 1 

Dave Edwards new loco repainted dirty weathered looking  A  class 128 DPU