This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

1st Sunday Easter Monday Sunday 8th April Sunday15th    


Sunday 15th

A dry Sunday morning, Not as good as yesterday warn sunny day. Early this week Mark emailed me to say.    Today a milestone has been reached on the L&B project with the chassis turning over on air for the first time! Some minor adjustments are required and a lot of running into loosen it all up. A proud moment for all who are working on the loco, congratulations.   Today the lads had the chassis out and toed it around the track to free it up, which looked like it worked well. Bob, John & Phil all had there engines in steam today as well. The lads were still laying slabs with a new helper today. The fencing gang had found out it a bigger job than we let on.

I re did the air test video today and a link below to YouTube

Thanks Mark for the few you sent over

The L&B waiting for tea brake to end.  You Tube Video

John about to get steam up.

Phil getting steam up after fitting some newly made parts

John deep in thought's on how many posts are there left  OR do they spring up after the rain

Tony helping the pathway team today. Brian & Dave were about.

The L& B back in the station for a spot of oil or three

Bob with his new GWR 14XX

The Back head of Bob engine

The fence panel painters busy dipping and spreading it all about 

Phil engine with Steve driving and Phil in waving mode.

Peter Mc on the surface grinder. Speedy radius rods

The new driving truck body taking shape. The cardboard didn't last long

SM 32 sitting on the new driving truck

Tony's 16mm loco dwarfed in the new driving trolley.

Most of us look where we going. But Chris like to see where he's come just from

Coming back a freeing up around the track


Sunday 8th

A dry Sunday morning at last. Some of the lads were sent off site to dig up some slabs that we can have for use around the site. I found, Bob B with his new engine GWR 14xx and Paul with Bridget. Chris had the Hymek  out for a few passengers. John & Janice were busy at it, painting the fencing, Peter R was repairing the gate post with Steve and his son's help. Dave & Brian were still laying slabs. Chris B was getting some wiring lessons of Adrian in the club house. Mark, Mike & myself pipes up the brakes on the new driving truck for testing.

Bob 14XX all shiny and new.

Paul with his Bridget loco.

The fencing team hard at it with helpers today.

Allan quietly working sorting some over grown grass.

Looks like I missed tea time again.

Whoops a strange shot of the new driving truck.

Three hard working lads fitting brake piping to the driving truck

Chris on route with some visitors.

White fence posts popping up all around the place now

Chris B and Adrian wiring up a base board layout

An "O" gauge 2-6-0

Peter with Steve hanging the gate Or is it I'll  hold it you play it!


Easter Monday 2nd

Easter Monday, I was planning to go myself but got volunteered to drive else where! Many thanks to Peter Mc for sending the these few photos over and a video. The engine is the same as we are building at the club. 

A Short Video 


A busy platform


Mind the mud Please drive very slowly as well


Sunday 1st

Easter Sunday did not stop one or two working at BG today. John with Janice's help were busy cleaning canopy. Dave with Martyn's help was doing some digging on the path. Chris had the Hymek out for driver learning and passengers. Peter Mc got steam up on his loco and had a good run around Peter was still working on the trailer job. I got asked to do a couple of small welding jobs.

John smiling for the shot

Martyn in I don't fancy digging mode.

Simon in far distance Steve & Chris on a training run

Peter busy as normal with the free bee

A small welding job on the L&B

A smart Wilesco steam plant set up

Lots of cakes made by John and Janice for this week end only Brian !

Peter back in the station after a run with some passengers