We have for many years held birthday parties in our facility

at Little Hay Miniature Railway based on unlimited miniature train rides over a

2 hour period on a Sunday afternoon between the middle of March and the middle of October.

These parties are usually aimed at children, but not exclusively so. We can help you arrange a party for any occasion and for someone of any age


For example; we can arrange outdoor seating for up to 40 children for the birthday tea, and a marquee (20ft x 25ft) for planning against poor weather can be arranged (at extra cost). 

You will need to arrange your own food and drink, and shall have full use of the kitchen facilities during your party.

The charge in 2018 for unlimited train rides and the use of the society's club house and grounds for the afternoon range from

Parties up to 20 children 2 trains £175.00

Parties up to 30 children 3 trains £200.00                               Available Dates Are All On A Sunday from 2 pm till 4 pm

Parties up to 40 children 4 trains £225.00

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March 18th

April 22nd

May 20th

June 10th

July 29th

Aug 19th

Sept 16th

Oct 14th