This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 3rd Sunday 10th Sunday 17th


Sunday 24th    


Sunday 24th

Another sunny Sunday morning at little hay. I found, Peter still painting but in a new location or two. The lads were busy grass cutting in the middle area. Martin was on leaf blowing and collection duty. John was fitting a new door to pool junction box. Brain with a little help from myself laid a few slabs in the compound area. Len had a steam up on the SM32. 

Peter preparing some wood before undercoat painting.

Dave collecting leaves and a bit of grass!

Len having a run on the SM32

Peter at the other location painting undercoat He did have a few helping him once!!

Martin having a sneaky look at the middle area

John fitting a new pool junction signal box door and lock.

Some concrete was required to put a few slabs down


The finished job with the trust bucket been needed today

The L& B with valve gear been fitted and checked


Sunday 17th

A very warm Sunny Sunday morning at little hay today. A some, what slow day as we had a birthday party booked in for this afternoon. I found, Bill sorting different coloured wires out on a signal head. Martin an old member from time passed who is keen and was found busy cutting the bushes. Mark with Dave and Mike along with myself got some of the stock out for this afternoons party. The I was asked to move Neil's Loco of the bench for Dave to work. Then a hunt for a bag of bits for a club engine we had sold to a club member

Bill asking which light to put out?

Mark with Mike getting the stock out

Martin our recycled member with new overalls and rake just for the job.

A long way to go before he get's invited in to the top ranked  middle area

Malcolm with his son driving his SM32 in the foreground

Tony with is Sm32 testing his new engine he is building


Sunday 10th

A dull  day again and the forecast was not good for the afternoons birthday party. However in fairness it did not really rain till the party was over, and we was packing up. Dave & Dave were busy cutting grass as usual. Paul was having another steam up with his loco. The lads were sweeping leaves up like no tomorrow.  Dave & Mark were looking at Neil's loco, The oiling system need to be replaced and it not an easy job they are finding out.

Paul getting steam up to try his Juliet locomotive

Len & Martin our new member deciding where to sweep next

Neil's Loco in for new oil tanks to be fitted Not a easy job Dave and Mark are finding out.

Chris doing a bit for the L&B Exhaust pipe T connection

A job that someone did not do very well cleaning out the mixer So Brian & myself washed it out with a good hammering 

Mark with the Earle loco and a learner diver during the break in the party

Birthday Girl off on her train driving drive.


Sunday 3rd

A dull and chilly day after yesterday Saturday at our Narrow gauge rally. A few lads did there stuff around the site Rod hedge cutting Peter painting and Brian on wheel barrow fixing up a. Many other lads braved the cold at our now steam up

Peter on to green paint now

Brian fixing yet another puncture

Rod after his darts match in the club house! guess he lost