This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 1st Sunday 8th Sunday 22nd


Sunday 29th    


Sunday 29th

Bonfire night is looming I see judging by the big pipe of pallets we had delivered in the week, and a board meeting, taking place on a Sunday to check stuff all going to plan. Dave had his Speedy in steam with his mate on the ground level track The Hymek was out ready for any one to drive or have a ride. Dave and Rod were busy getting leaves up in the middle area. Chris B asked me to help him do more on his axles for the wheels he had finished turned in the week with Allan's help. There was a good gathering around the L&B loco this morning It's going off site to have the boiler fitted This left Dave M and myself !  sorting and welding up a connection track from the trolley to the outside world  Gary was on the miller milling something of the L&B Simon was on the Boxford. Martin was busy up the top of the field fitting new plastic sleepers loco un loader.  Brian was digging out on the path from more concrete to be mixed one day. A very busy Sunday morning was had by all

Dave ready to set off

Dave putting the leaves in pretty lines 

The path so far

Gary milling some clearance in the expansion links

Martin making use of our trusty buckets or three

One end of a axle for Chris been turned to 3/4 of a inch

An axle and a pair of wheels They are not turned on the treads as yet

Brian checking no one is looking as he digs further up the path

Mark and Dave now do lawn mower body work repairs as a side job.

Martin showing me his handy work for this morning.

Dave and his mate as I left for home still in steam running around in the glorious sun that was shining 


Sunday 22nd

A slight chill in the air this morning at BG. Possibly explains the standing room only in the work area . Rod and Dave were busy as usual. Martin was digging out for more concrete path way. Martin was busy sweeping leaves up by the tunnel not far from last week.  The work area was very busy Simon was on the Boxford lathe turning parts for himself, as was Chris B turning some cast iron wheels for a driving truck. Allan was making a point lever for a track point outside. Mark was checking the oil tanks on Paddington as they where over oiling. John Cope did some surface grinding for his own job. Peter and Paul were in conference looking over the L&B  front end. Yes I was asked to do a small welding job before you all ask!

Rod is there a problem with your telecommunication line, it looks to be tangled to me?

John's job on the surface grinder.

Chris facing of one of his 4 wheels.

Facing of the boss

Martin working away by himself.  Dose anyone know where this path is going?

The point lever The welding rod had oil on it and was well alight before I took the shot

Allan welding the lever to the frame It for the last of bit of track we laid.


Sunday 15th

What a sunny autumn Sunday morning to be at BG. This bought out a many engines to have a run around. Paul was steaming up as was David. Dave M had his engine to check a water supply Phil had his new engine in steam on the raised track. Later in the morning Peter Mc got his engine in steam just as I left for home.  Martin was busy sucking leaves up. Dave M was on track maintenance which I later joined him to help. I was asked to do a small welding job on a door.


Paul filling his tanks ready to run. But did he his the question?

David getting steam up Phil in the background.

Phil's new rebuilt engine.

Martin with the hover which later stopped hovering up?

Mike posing on yet more new concrete.

Rod checking to see if his letter has arrived in the second post!

Allan busy cutting grass as was Dave and later Adrian.

Chris with Phil's engine.

Peter Mc getting steam up.

Phil's engine close up.

Rod waiting for the sergeant to arrive so he can make a start on plating the center area.  


Sunday 8th

Autumn is definitely with us. I have to get leaves up at home now! I found, Peter rubbing down for painting. He assured me he had been home as I had taken a photo in the place before. Martin had finished the hydraulic pump instillation on the lift and now there is talking of doing the turn table lift. We had our last birthday booked if for this afternoon so the stock was got ready and checked.

Peter Rubbing down the wood for painting. He doing a wonder full job by himself.

The new hydraulic pump and all it bits fitted my Martin on the lift. Just push the button UP or Down

Dave busy by himself this week I did go and ask if ne needed help putting the wickets in I'm good with a hammer.

Oil pump fitted and getting ready for this afternoons birthday party.


Len and Bob chatting Bob was getting ready to run in the afternoon.

John about to leave platform 1

Birthday Boy about to set off driving under instruction from Chris


Sunday 1st

Autumn is coming I think! As the bonfire wood pile is making a come back. Where has the year gone we all ask ourselves?  For a steam up Sunday Dave had the track to himself with his steam engine and the odd trip made by Brian on the Hymek. Martin was busy on the loco lift fitting a hydraulic pump after all these years. Peter was filling holes for painting somewhere onsite as I did not spot him, must have been using camouflage paint. I was tasked with a De welding job on the high level truck. Dave & Mark were busy on Neal's Paddington which is close to be finished. Mark gave Simon a lesson on the small lathe as he help Dave 

Dave with Lens help getting steam up

Allan & Dave busy in conversation.

More concrete needs to be mix I think

Dave with Mark's help has shoe horned the two oil pumps in on Neal's loco

Chris B fitting the drive links for the oil pumps

My de welding job of the day was removing the steel plates I welded in you may recall this been done on May 21

We need thicker plates in there place 1/8" (bolted)

Brian just setting off with some visitors

Matins fitting the hydraulic pump to the lift.

Dave arriving back in the station with a passenger.

"BANG" Martin in the 24V power supply box