This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 5th Sunday 12th Sunday 19th


Sunday 26th    




Sunday 26th

A chilly morning if you stood about waiting to do something. Not many photos today as the camera batter was flat, bit of a sore point as my phone is suffering from a totally worn-out battery. I found Dave M and Brian collecting green heather for the unloading station platform. Dave Len and Martyn were cutting bushes by the level crossing gate. Allan, Dave & Rod were busy cutting hedge by the smoking shelter steaming bay on the Sm32  Denise was busy helping Brian and Dave fix the heather that Dave was getting them. I got the grotto wall divider out the loft with Chris and Allan helping. Allan helped  me fix it in place. Mike was building a book shelf. Peter was painting the ceiling after someone put there foot though it (mentioning no name but he has been turning his wheels) Just before I left Brain ask, Mark and myself to cover under the guttering to the unloading shelter gap.

Allan Dave and Rod busy cutting the hedge. In sector zone 624 743

The smoke box of the L & B. Soon I shall be getting some photos of the progress

Yes Denise up the ladder with the staple gun


Sunday 19th

A wonderful sunny autumn Sunday again with lots to do. The Santa Specials are getting close and we need to get set up around the site. Some of the lads were collecting leaves up. The lads in the middle were doing much the same job today. John Copestick had his engine out for a test run and Keith bought his part built traction engine to have the boiler tested. Martin was putting a rope  light up in one of the two tunnels. You will have to come to find out which one? Adrian and Denise were busy tidying Santa's loading platform.  I was asked to help cover Santa's unloading platform by Brian C. Nevertheless, before that, we had to repair the guttering by this platform. After Martyn was free to come to help pulling the three big sheet and screw them down.

Keith's part built 3 inch scale traction engine.

John getting steam up for a test run around the track.

Mark Len and Keith filling the boiler with water.

Sorry not close enough to check for flat knees.

Mind the step!

Martyn up the ladder Brian smiling for the camera.

Brian testing two SM32 loco in the warm ?


Sunday 12th

The big clean up day after our annual bonfire night party. I found the fire was well burnt out and was being fed, leaves and other odd meat's that, would burn. The lads had done a wonderful job cleaning the fire of all metal parts. John with his mates had removed the fencing around the station area. The first aid tent was dismantled and put away. The tattie oven was push back and all tidied up.  Chris was busy turning his wheels with a little help again.

Len cleaning the fire of steal and racking it tidy.

Allan Dave and Rod cleaning the mess we left them Sorry lads for the man made mole holes

Chris had glued his wheel on and was pre turning them to remove the slink of the cast iron.

They will be finished by myself later this week for Chris


Sunday 5th

A very pleasant sunny Sunday morning at little hay. Setting up for next Saturday's bonfire night is going well. Most of the fencing is in place been done by John, Len and Martyn as are the lights that get put up on path ways. Bill with Martins help was busy on a lock that was playing up. Rod and Allan were busy collecting leaves. Chris with a bit of help of myself was busy doing his axles. Brian was helping Simon today mill a slot in his job. Peter Mc was checking the resided level carriages for next Saturday and beyond.  

Dave having a play again with is sweet pea chatting to the lads

Think need to bend lower down Allan to check under Rods hat. He would not take it off for me to check (Laugh)

Chris drilling a spacer for his axles they end up 3/4 reamed hole four off them.

Peter Mc checking the raised level carriages for Saturday and beyond.

I think this lot in the wrong place. The lads will soon move it next Saturday.

Martyn busy helping put the fencing up with Len and John and myself.

Play time is it we ask our self's ?