This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 7th Sunday 14th Sunday 21st


Sunday 28th    


Sunday 28th

 A lovely sunny Sunday morning to be at little hay. Paul was getting a steam test on his Bridget locomotive Dave was in steam getting more practice driving around. Chris was waiting for public passengers to arrive.  Len had his Britannia tender body, not an easy job. Peter & John were busy painting around the site. Dave and Martin with Allan's help had worked well on the outside door. So just a small welding job today for myself. Steve W with his traction engine was having  a steam test done. I had better mansion the grass cutting group. No Rod today but a noisy Martin with a strimmer.

Lens tender for his 3 1/2" G Britannia

Allan checking all ok on Pauls engine.

Peter falling a sleep on the job

Dave back in the station after a lap or three.

There is a Traction engine in there. Trust me.

Martin with a loud strimmer. (I have turned the sound off for you)

The bench so far

When is a door not a door we ask ourselves.

Concrete dry, soon need sweeping.

Yes Martin the sun is out shinning.

John painting benches

This is how one gets a steam test lads Provide a chair for the tester

Photos taken by Josh and sent in for you too see general views

Another view of the bridge.

That net is always in the way Josh 


Sunday 21st

We were blessed with the sun yet again this Sunday. This bought out many of members. Only one engine in steam Dave with his sweet pea. Allan Dave and Rod were very busy. Peter R was rebuilding a bench seat. Peter Mc Dave Allan L and myself were on the door job, You guessed it this involved welding again. Brian with Jack's help were getting ready for more concrete path way. Brian and his lads were working on the L&B 

Dave with Bob checking his engine valve gear.

We must be having a club dance Allan, Dave & Rod getting the area all ready

Mister Mole and his family are not on the invite list.

Peter rebuild a uncomfortable bench (I'm not joking)

WE encourage child labour we are getting to old.

Dave removing paint for the welder to weld


Heads down look in Steve is welding again. Up side down raised truck.

Bit of a bim whit spark you got there.

That's better blind everyone.

Jack busy about to put some air in the tyre.

Allan drilling a hole in the door


Sunday 14th

With the sun shine today it bought out some of the lads for a play Phil and his brother, Dave Chris & John. Rod and Dave were, grass cutting in the middle. Dave M was looking and planning the hole in the wall. Peter Mc was on electrical wiring. Brian Chris & Paul were busy on the L&B I help Brian with some stuck, wheels on the bending rolls which need to be move.

Phil getting steam up and filling the water tank ready for later

Chris with his repaired loco

Dave on the straight and narrow

Rod getting ready to wiggle

Dave and Mike chatting about the new hole in the wall.

Gary busy making sparks on the grinder.

Big job Brian need nails to hold it all together

Proof and square brush will go in around hole

The bending rolls on the move. Well sort of.

A nice busy platform of engine in steam.

Dinner time Rods got a mate this week

Chris off with the Hymek with some French visitors from Derby.

The potting shed No the ants have move in  

Dave & Phil double heading

Mark has his small camera on the logs for a drivers view

Only another two under production!

Out on test crossing the trestle bridge

The second of the Sugar Cane loco straight from the paint shop in Black


Sunday 7th

Another sunny Sunday morning at BG. Not many lads on-site today as they are at a rally else, where. Rod was all by himself today. I found, Mark and Dave M chatting so I joined in. Dave and John C had there engine in steam and found a few problems on the raised, This stopped us chatting as Mark went of to help. I went off with Dave to look at last weeks welding job and to do more work on that project Chris and Brian were on working on the L&B. Paul was busy re turning raised carriage wheels as they have, found to be badly worn on the treads.

Chris with a big cutter.

Paul with some wheels on the lathe re turning the tapper and flanges.

Making the high level coaches a bit wider to stop them hitting the pillars

Jacking out from 12 to 14 inches


Rod with his mates Mr & Mrs Mole

Mark with Dave's engine checking the carriage

J C getting up steam for a run

Some visitors checking out the pond and SM32 area.


John about to have a run with his Simplex

Pete trying out Paddington

A nice afternoon for a run