This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

5th Sunday 7th Tuesday 12th Sunday


19th Sunday 26th Sunday  


Sunday 26th

The sun is high in the sky today this mothering Sunday. Chris B and Phil had the engines out running around the ground level track. Allan Dave and Rod were in their normal place of working. Martin was checking his concrete job from last week. Work was progressing slow on the L&B. Brian with Martins help mixed some new concrete to fill in a bad patch by the work shop door.   

Phil in steam with a new mixture of the black stuff. No, not Guinness coal.

Rod checking to see if an aeroplanes have crash landed.

Chris caught unaware Not posing for me

Martin cleaning the concrete off ready to paint the steel.

The new concrete job.

I wonder what they are chatting about ching ching as they dropped their penny's


Some wet concrete and a dinner bell.

Phil out running around still.

Chris went right over the handle bars here. A bolt came of the front wheel connecting rod. It then dug in the track and !!

The body looked to be OK un harmed Just Chris's pride


Sunday 19th

A wonderful sunny Sunday morning, Not as many lads on-site as I thought would have been. Dave had his sweet pea in steam with lost of help off Len, Bob, Brian and later Mark. Allan & Rod were in their usual place, on-site, with Dave cutting grass. Brian, Chris & Garry were very busy on the L& B. Outside Martin mixed some concrete for his pool bar. Then Dave and Martin started to measure up for the hole in the wall. Myself got busy with Allan on the diamond crossing that Allan had been working on the other Tuesday.  Brian & Chris got the Hymek locomotive  out to give some visitors a ride around as I left for home.

Thanks for the photos Mark

Len with his finger stuck in a pipe to stop a small leak why the lads run around.

Rod asking me if I had any bicarbonate for Allan.

Rod asking Dave to save the grass for his palliasse

The finished expansion link the other was near finished.

Allan making a start

Allan making sparks with the welder.

Martin putting his concrete in place at the the bar end

Dave on route with his Sweet Pea locomotive.

The one diamond crossing nearly all done.  Two more to do.

As I left the lads were checking if the club locos would pass over it. They would come out but not go back.

Got a flat tire mate?

Are an 0-4-0 now 

On the lathe turning the flanges off. Not a new way out of a problem.

A swinging brick door. I like it.

Flanges removed

An 0-6-0 again

A double swinging brick door This will let a lot more members in to do some work,  just what we are after.


Sunday 12th

With  the spring warmth to the air, this bought out a few visitors for a ride and a couple of members with  their locomotives. John with his Elidir & Mark having a boiler test and then both had a good run around. I found, Peter painting the swing bridge. Mark had the Hymek out giving rides.  Allan & Rod were busy as usual working on the waterfall this time. Brian Chris & Garry were as normal working away with parts for the L&B.

Not sure what colour is will be yellow red brown or black

John unloading his Elidir

Mark with is "Bongo"  LNER B1

Mark about to set off on a trip around.

Mark been driven back in to the station.

Allan & Rod gas bagging as the put the stones back in the water fall after they had been cleaned.

Dave by himself today.

Paul sorting out his next job, raised level truck bogies.

Dave having a run abound on the SM 32

Mark checking the lubrication tank.

A home work job I was tasked with this last week TIG welding the bolts in place on the expansion links 

The same side of all 4 of them Plus some other work was done.


Chris milling the tops of the above links but  showing the other side of the bolt heads.

Mark on route, 6 points and a heavy fine if caught using your mobile phone

A nice shot thought the cab window

Running along the road side.


Pictures say a million words hence none above.


Tuesday 7th

I had these few sent in. Looks like the weather was fine and sunny. I cannot say much as I was not there. But thanks to Mark for the photos. 

Mark having a successful run around today.

Allan looking very busy stick welding 

You can see where the new track is going now.

Dave & Martin working well as normal sleeper fitting by the looks of things 


Sunday 5th

After some heavy rain and snow earlier in the morning, The sun came out for a while, and with the blue sky and hint of rain in the air till dinner time the weather man got it all wrong this morning, It should have been a steam up Sunday morning at B G. Rod later joined by Allan were cleaning up the waterfall on the rockery . I found Chris, Brian & Paul busy on the L&B and replacing the cutter blades on  the lawn mower today were Brian & Mike helped by Andy Walton. I started to help Dave and Martin on sleeper replacing but then switched job back to carriage servicing. Three more got passed today with Derek's help and the gaffer over seeing us. 

We can see you Rod

Dave and Martin busy as normal removing ballast from under a point

Martin fitting yet another bolt One day another track has go to cross this lot to join up the far track

Another brake block needing some attention

Chris drilling some holes on the L&B reverser

Dave & Martin re-fitting the middle track panel

Allan & Rod not blending in to the back ground to well at all. I must check if they had a letter of there mom's