This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 11th Sunday 18th Sunday 25th AGM




The weather did not look to good to start with, then the sun came out good, then a shower or two of rain. It must be our Annual AGM day . This year we moved it to a Sunday to see if would entice more members to attend the meeting. I not sure it did, but I may be wrong. There were lads busy with their Sunday morning jobs around the site. Some got their engines in steam for a run The L&B was pulled up to the station for the first official outing. 

Allan and Mark chatting getting steam up for a run around. Bobs engine on the ground doing the same.

Dave cutting grass on the bank this time.

Found you Rod cutting grass the old way.

Martyn Dave & Brian doing a last minute ballasting

Bob having a run around

The L&B arriving on platform 1

The L& B for the lads to see the progress.

Another view

Allan asking where do I put the blower.

Sunday 18th

Father's day and the sun is high in the sky. Nevertheless this stopped main member coming to the site today. Only a few made it. Peter had his paint tin out and was painting the High Level platform rail. Dave & Rod were found in the normal area working away. Martyn was busy band cutting check rails for the new bit of track. Allan was busy grinding the diamond crossing with my help later. Peter Mc had his engine in steam trying a new grate he had fitted

Peter painting his way around the site.

Dave & Rod keeping the grass cut.

Martyn checking the check rail. But who checks the checker?

At last all welded up Allan did a lot last Thursday I just finished it all off.

I could do that job standing waiting for the bit to fall off. Others get a chair Martyn!


The work area coved grinding the rails on the 4 diamond crossing.

Peter fitting a new sensor in a point motor

The bit we have to grind out A train wheel can go up the slot or from 7 pm to 1 pm across the slot.

A close up for you.

8 Cuts per diamond crossing

The first engine on the new track

The other side if wondering.

Peter Mc trying his new grate works in his engine.


Sunday 11th
We had a birthday booked in for this afternoon so there were many lads working and getting things ready for the party. Working around the site was Len stopping a landslide by the tunnel wall. Dave and Rod were busy as usual making the center area look good? Funny thing. Up the road was a private house which had opened its garden to the public for charity. Somehow we got a family looking at the at the site (wrong address) thinking we was the private garden. They like it very much as well.  The lads had knocked the wall out so you can guess my job for the morning. Peter R was preparing to paint a few things namely the rail on the high level station  

Len busy stopping the land slide.

Dave getting ready for the visitors at the wrong address.

No they are stick plants

The hole in the wall gang are back

The L&B valve gear motion.

The left side welded up

The right side welded up.

A full load all having a photo taken.

Curb stones been put in around the sunken swimming pool .