This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

2nd Sunday 9th Sunday 23rd Sunday July 30th Sunday    


Sunday 30th

Another sunny Sunday morning at BG. Not many lads on-site getting ready for a book in private party. Three of us got the carriage ready. John Cope, Mike along with a new member and his son made a start on getting the end on the marquee.  Later they were joined by other members who fitted the roof and wall and if you wondering how we make it adult size I will tell you next time!

Jubilee had two carriage which had all ready been sent up these where ready for Dave & Dave later

Are you sure this bit fits lads

Dave M with his engine Dave M engine all ready to be steamed up

The marquee up ready with tables and chairs 


Sunday 23rd

After a night of rain, the air felt nice and fresh to be outside working or playing. We had a couple of light showers as we played / worked, but it ending as fast as you can read this up to now! Paul was very busy with his Juliet loco. The lads were busy in the middle area cutting grass and fitting another water pump for a fish fountain. Peter & myself were busy putting the signs back up now the paint had dried on the tubes.  Bob had a good run around after a hydraulic test was done.

Paul with his Juliet locomotive having a boiler test.

Paul think will it pass will the bribe be enough?


Peter busy putting all the signs back up after painting the rails.

Paul getting in to steam after some fun with the ash pan.

You can see I moved Rod out the way for this shot !

A visitor having a drive with Dave making sure all is OK.

Paul finally made it on to the track. This is the first outing for engine and owner.


Sunday 9th

Yet another sunny Sunday morning we was blessed with  at BG. Not many lads on-site working Peter was painting in the station area. Rod and Allan were busy in the middle area. Dave had his sweet pea out for a run. Paul was having a test done on his Juliet locomotive helped by Len and Mark. Brian and myself repaired a pedal loco!! For the children next weekend. Yes welding what else would it be? Andy Walton bought a locomotive to test, a garret style locomotive. It was found to be somewhat oily to dive.

Paul playing with PFTE tape. Len & Mark waiting for the part.

The close up

Peter doing a fine job with the cream paint today.

Dave after his run around.

The chatting time

The railing for the other side to rest on a watch the workers work? We will be quid's in when they come.

Allan & Rod been demoted from the main tennis court down the south!!

Andy Taylor bought this to test today.

The cab area.

If the hat fits have a drive !

A better view of the same engine

Lens Britannia tender he his making a fine job of.

Home time


Sunday 2nd

The summer is with us for them time been T-shirts a must! Many of the lads were busy today Chris with the oil tank oiling the wooden sleepers. The lads were busy grass cutting and weeding in the middle area. Bob & Dave were getting up steam for a run around. Bill was tasked with fitting a switch for a new water feature. I was tasked with a grinding and welding job. I found the new hand rail had been fitted around the new steaming area and more was being fitted today also. There were many visitors pop in for a cuppa and a rides.

Chris getting ready to oil the squeaky sleepers around the track.


Rod looking for something I wonder what. Did you use a box or a bucket?

Bill doing some electrical work for the pond

Bob with Len getting up steam

Dave getting ready for a steam test with Peter Mc and Mark attending soon.

Peter very busy as normal finding bits to paint

Re gauged track on the trolley. It was found to be 1/8 less than should be.

The new rail and slabs been fitted around the sunken pool.

Peter still busy removing rust.

Allan with a learner diver

Allan arriving back with different learner driver

The other rail fitted Looks like needs concreting in