This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

New Years Day 8th Sunday 15th Sunday


22nd Sunday 29th Sunday  


Happy New Year To You All.

Sunday 29th

A warmer day than the last few days The sun was out for a while, but light rain had been forecasted and it came later in the morning. Len was a happy chappie today He had bought a SM 32 loco and it was his first steam up and run around. Dave was still having  trouble getting water in the boiler, balls not seating correctly in the water system.  Mark was busy soldering wire in brake boxes for the carriages. Work on the L& B went slow today sorting the guide bars out on the right hand side. Dave, Brian & Martin were also very busy on  their driving truck rebuild.

Len tinkering as he gets steam up.

Boys and there toys They will play for hours!

Dave on a run with his Sweet Pea

Boys and there toys two! Don't think Mark had nodded off.

Dave after his run about to drop the fire

Len learning the road and routes.

Some frames with new paint on They are now black cough cough

More painting, it is white all over now cough cough.

Its clean all over now! is spring coming, grass cutting! 

The new club project loco for the SM32

Do you recall the condemned boiler New Years Day. Well this is in side it

All the red area should be solidly silver soldered together the full length of the fire box

The space between the two sheets of copper is where the water get hot to make steam


Sunday 22nd

A chilly Sunday morning and dry. I found the trench all filled in.  Dave bought his engine for a test steam up but, Mark found oiling problems which we had to fix first. Dave with Brian and Martin were busy on the driving truck department. Brian and Chris were cleaning up the coupling rods so they could be sent out for more work t be done on them. I got asked to weld some support brackets on the frames. Allan braved the cold for a steam up.

Do cones move by themselves? More to the point, what coming up later a  row Tattis or is a a dual cabbage way

Dave with his Sweet pea with Mark and Len deep in conversation.

Before they found the brass oil tank this side not working

Dave still working away with Brian's & Martins help in the driving truck refurbishment dept. Later another truck appeared for Dave and his team

The L&B chassis, I was tasked with welding some guide bar supports on to the motion bracket


Don't look underneath! They should have turned the engine over for me shouldn't they!!

The coupling rods ready to be bored for bronze bushes. The rods were water jet cut and only needed light cleaning up all over

Allan muttered something about brass and monkeys' I must check he said for you!


Sunday 15th

What a change to the weather, snow and cold morning in the week and back to rain today.  Looking at the new trench been dug Tuesday must have been a busy day. Mark had his dads engine steaming up again. Allan and Rod were fishing in the pond today.  Dave with Brian's D help were working on the chassis fitting pipes and a wooden floor. Martin was making dust cutting blocks for a bit more block laying. The L& B was making progress today the coupling rods had some more machining done on them.

Any one got the cones hot line phone number No delays here!

Brian's engine been looked at by one of the new members.

Tell it raining season. Should have got a note of your mom Rod, got to mine your chest!!

Dave getting on well with the driving truck rebuilding.

Hope can see where cutting it Martin. It didn't look like that later?

The new bit of wall be built Plus a lot more welding for Steve.

Boring a coupling rod joint hole out to a reaming size of 3/4" using a boring head

The joints are done. Garry had been busy emery clothing and polishing the rods also.



Sunday 8th

A very mild January Sunday morning more like March. It for sure bought the club members out with loco there for boiler tests. Mark and Peter Mc were kept busy this morning Dave M was looking at the tender he had dismantled last Tuesday. Garry was milling the L&B coupling rods on the miller.

Dave with the tender in bits.

Garry on the miller machine, thinning a coupling rod end down.

A cheep Jack job to keep things running.

Dave with his sweet pea about to get a boiler test.

John not having a boiler test, but testing a new pump he had fitted.

This looked a better photo at the time.

John on the left, Dave with the Sweet Pea & Dave with Speedy not requiring a test but out for a test run.

Malcolm bought his Sm32 locos for a testing.

Dave after a test run.

Another Sweet Pea needing a boiler test.

Brian's new engine getting steam up for a you guessed it, a boiler test.

Allan & Rod ducking after I shouted grenade's


News Year Day Steam Up!

A good start to the New Year rain, Steam up was many of cups of tea in the club house "Ho" and an engine steamed up for a boiler test. Brian, Brian & Chris were in the work area Brian was sorting a lathe problem out Brian was sweeping up with my help. Later Dave M started to dismantle the late Neal's H driving truck for refurbishment

The condemned boiler Sorry out of focus. A Traction Engine boiler with a fire box roof  problem.

Two little SM32 on ready to be steamed on the curry tins.

Allan and Mark waiting for steam pressure to rise.

This is becoming a New Years Day tradition steam up on a can or two