This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 5th Sunday 12th Sunday 19th




Sunday 26th

After a very windy few days the site was not affected by any major wind damage, only lots of small branches blow off. This got Allan Rod and Dave busy finding them all and picking them up well done lads.  Working on the L& B were Brian Chris and Allan. Outside was Dave E, Mark, Mark and myself  doing the 12 monthly rolling stock brakes check.

Dave or one of them with a wheel barrow full of twinges.

The L& B expansion links, well three out the four of them!.

Dave and Martin working on Neal's Paddington bunker plate in the warm!

Paul still cleaning up rods for the L& B

John with Dave colleting tree bits that had blow off and all about

Myself working on a carriage truck bogie removing a brake block

Dave checking the electrical side of the braking system

Brian and Chris drilling a valve gear part.

Mike fitting a new axle and wheel to a wheel barrow, It will soon be flat on the bottom.

Our handy work all washed and ready for service

Allan holding his new brass dome and safety valve assembly for his new loco he is making 


Sunday 19th

What a difference in the weather today compared to last weekend warn to say the least. Not very many lads on-site today as there was a big do on at the Rugeley club not far away. It is their last day of running as they have to close the site and move off because the grounds belongs to the power station. In no particular order the lads on-site were Allan D. Dave, Len & Len, Brian & Brian, Dave Chris, Garry Mark B and myself  all working on something or other.

Brian & Mark working on the mower. Petrol leak was the problem dried out "O" ring was found to be the cause.

My job for myself to start with a bit of grinding. A wedge type tool post bottom not flat.

Dave had fitted the brake control ready for Mark to connect it all up.

Now we all know what Santa looks like HO HO HO 

Allan busy shearing some brass sheet for the new SM32 loco cab.

Garry emery clothing the connecting rods for the L&B

Brian Chris drilling and reaming the valve gear link on the miller

Another hole tricky one this as half the hole is missing, hence the plug to drill in to and bin after the job is done.

Dave working on Neal's Paddington loco. 


Sunday 12th

After some snow and rain yesterday, today was drizzling with some light snow and still very cold. I don't think the two lads knew it was cold running there locos today. Chris with his Conway and Phil with his new driving truck. Dave M was busy with his apprentice for the day Brian, he was helping  fit the driving foot boards on the truck rebuild. Chris and Brian were busy doing some milling and drilling for the L&B valve gear. Allan Dave & Rod unloaded a few more block paving bricks Then decided what time to go in for dinner! Mark & Peter Mc were checking boiler ticket information. Mark and Bill  fitted a new battery to the lawn mower and check it was all ok.

Phil fitting a newly made brake level.

Chris posing yet again with his Conway 

Chris working on the miller.

Brian helping Dave fit the running boards.

Allan & Rod in the backwards position shot. I didn't hang about for the bending over under way shot!

Phil on his first trip. Chilly is it mate

Chris just connecting up on the raised track.

Phil's new driving truck painted to match his engine.

Brian and his toy. Some toy lads, threading a 1 inch gas pipe it will do up to 2 inch pipe.

Chris and Phil braving the cold and drizzle.

Sorry out of focus Chris & Christine  Phil's mom

Phil teaching a young lad to drive and he was very god as well


Sunday 5th

An early misty Sunday morning with a chilly breeze soon move onto be a pleasant morning. Allan & Rod were busy surveying the bushes around the SM 32.  The Hymek was out giving a small number of passengers a ride around later joined by a member and his Speedy. Dave & Martin were still busy on the driving truck re-build.  I finished the welding on the L& B then went outside to do another job with Martin. Brian & Mike were tractor tyre repairing along with a service on the tractor for grass cutting season.  (link to water jet cutting on you tube)

Dave sorting the brakes out on the now black driving truck.

Allan & Rod muttering something about tennis & balls!!

Dave? with his Speedy.

John C with some passengers

The other side of the L&B guide bar bracket welding

Martin Checking all OK before Mr Welder gets started!

Note to self looks Up hill looking to hot and fast.

Martin grinding it all flat.

Dave with the brake gear all done.

Next job on the miller valve gear links.  Water jet cut. (You tube )Milling slots to final size and drill ream some holes.

Adrian with some passengers Chris been a guard for a change