This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 3rd Sunday 10th Monday 11th






Monday 11th

Sent over by Mike B


Sunday 10th Cancelled Santa

This is the first time we have ever cancelled an event at Little Hay  I did not go but Tony and a few others did.

Seven Valley had to cancel as well. plus  others as well

Martyn made it but could get his sledge out to get there !!

The platform and no track visible!

Just of  to get the red coat was we!

Martyn and Mike moving snow from A to place B


Sunday 3rd

A busy morning at B G getting think ready for Santa next weekend. The grotto was being built by Allan L. Outside there was many lads all putting coloured lights or something festive up with a cable tie's around the canopy area Or anywhere that looked good. I have not take photos of our hard work doing this. Nevertheless I found other working for you.

The Signal box getting some attention.

Mr & Mrs Mole have been around this last week. (Click)

Rod  checking for any lost big gold rings!! (click)

Allan & Dave checking the track and adding ballast.

The L&B driving truck which can be used on other locomotives.

Denise and Adrian adding holly to the foot bridge

Dave & Ray adding wood to the top so to have a picture hung from. You will see it

Brian & Chris milling on the miller

Guess who go there glove stuck in the mole trap (click)

Well what do you expect from the new apprentices (click)


Where are your hi vis vest lads and hard hats