This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 13th Sunday 20th Sunday 26th August      




Sunday 26th

Yet again another sunny Sunday morning. Today is a back holiday weekend and surprised not too many lads on-site. Allan, Dave & Rod were in the gardening mood grass cutting as was Len cutting grass in the station area. Rodney did some hedge cutting in the compound area as it get forgot and over grown. You cannot not weld wood so I had to glue a top back on a fence post for Rod. Not sure which number it was 64 I think

Len busy in the station area.

Allan & Dave. Rod must be counting the posts. 60  Rod if counting.

Allan keeping it all looking very nice.

Rods not checking my gluing it was further around the corner near the end


Sunday 20th

Another lovely Sunday morning, not many lads about today must be holiday time. We had a birthday booked in for the afternoon, so the lads had got the stock out all ready early on. I found Rod and Dave with Allan in the middle are working away keeping it all spick and span. Peter was still painting but a different door. Mark was fitting a new copper pipe on Bridget which had been made in the week. After he steamed the engine to check that it was all OK and it passed

Allan & Rod chatting to Dave.

Brian's path slowly getting further to somewhere.

Peter painting the new sliding dorr

Brian with the stock ready for the birthday party

Rod shouting HELP!  Allan asking why it smelly

Arr not a good photo we fitted a meat tin to catch the ash when the fire is dropped

Under the engine with the meat tin in place

Chris cleaning the tubs after the test run

Birthday Boy getting a lesson in driving


Sunday 13th

A lovely sunny Sunday morning at BG. Not many lads on-site after a gathering yesterday. I found John C getting his engine off his trailer chatting to Len. I was asked to check a video on you tube and edit it if I can by Brian & Dave E. I walked to the work area to find Peter painting in a new area. Brian D  was about to dig out more path to concrete. Mark was making  new injector fitting for Bridget. Dave M ask if I would do some welding, to which Peter Mc shouted up Steve is always in need of  his weekend fix of welding. Brian & Chris were on the L&B measuring up to make the next part.

Rod keeping his head down as he dose have brown boots like yours truly.

Head down bum up that the way Peter.

Arrr this jobs is still under cover from spy's

We all know what you doing Brian!

Mark on the lathe making some parts for Bridget's new injector

Getting my weekend fix of welding fumes

Got Ya digging out for more concrete. Question is where do you stop 

Mark's handy work. A new injector fittings for Bridget

There a song about digging holes. Don't dig it there go and dig it over there.

The welding job I did not know I was going to do. Hence no welding kit.

Look Rod my brown boots! How did the hike go leaving early !!!

Checking the new trolley fits all Ok

Only a small job with that size hammer

John after his run around

Dave busy as normal Allan as well down the other end.