This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Sunday 30th

Another bank holiday Sunday and only one loco in steam Dave M with is 7 1/4" G Hercules We had a few visitors pop in for a ride. Nevertheless it looked like Martin was having a time of his life on Dave's engine. Allan, Dave & Rod were busy in the middle area doing what they do best. Mark asked if he could do some welding to which we found two steel doors that were in need of some welding to be done on them after chatting to Dave & Martin  Brian and Mike were getting gravel and making good some more ground.

Dave's Hercules ready to get stem up.

Blue Bell corner

Mark making sparks and doing Ok as well.

Martin about to dive in after the lean back bacon look

Yep that will pass Mark. Are the rest as good?

Chris asking Brian & Mike if they had spilt there load

Private Allen weeding in the flower bed.

Private Allan and private Rod busy working getting grass cutting out the pond


Sunday 23rd

What a wonderful sunny Sunday morning. Very few lads on-site 6 if that, as the rest were at the Sutton railway exhibition for the weekend. I found Allan & Rod cutting grass, Chris waiting for Brian to do some work on the L&B Peter had the driving truck for Neal's Bridget back on-site after fitting brakes and other jobs that where needed to be done like a paint job. Yesterday Alan & Rod were on-site and sealed the waterfall with special sealer which needed to be painted on in the dry and dry in the dry.

Top Three photos from the SCRS exhibition thanks Peter Mc

See double!

A view along our stand

It's my tea-break!

A rare shot close up of the water fall standing in the rock pool It had been sealed yesterday with special stuff

Think the snooker balls will roll down there OK Rod

The driving truck for Bridget

They had just turned the water pump on

The first splash

Looking down the fall

Allan & Rod putting the net back over the jetty

The L&B with the coupling rod first fitting both sides.

Dave where did you put the string Rod's having big trouble getting one straight lines 


Easter Monday Steam Up 17th

I arrived on-site at around 11-15 am to find the nice warm weather had bought out lots of engines steaming up and lots of public visiting us to have a ride and a cuppa We hope you all enjoyed the day as must as we did.

A good turn out for the steaming

Looks like a narrow gauge rally

Adrian having a go with Mark's new loco

Len steaming up and Dave on he raised track both Sweet Pea locomotives.

Phil waiting to steam up

Dave with Bill help getting steam up

Mark with a full train just about to get off and possible back on again.

Bob posing for the camera man

Trust me Dave and Bill with Dave's engine

Dave with his wife on the raised track

Loading another train full of passengers

Dave with some passengers

Mark's NA class on the trestle bridge

Mark posing in the distance


Easter Sunday Steam Up 16th

Easter Sunday and what chill in the air. Allan, Dave & Rod were in they're usual duty place cutting grass or attending the bedding plants. Only Gary doing a bit of work on the L&B today which he took the bit home to finish. Chris had the Hymek out giving passengers rides. Mark had the late Neal's Bridget locomotive in steam giving rides as well. Adrian had a SM 32 out but not for long as a good shower came but that soon pasted over.

Soon filled the bomb crater in after the U X B

Allan's handy work from last week

All dry now. Got to be better in the winter time lads.

One of the valve gear rods of the L& B been polished up by Gray

Chris giving a driving lesson

Chris on route with another young driver and his dad.

Don't stand up lads. Change of view as well I see

Bridget coming back into the station

Chris taking another driver out for a ride. 


Sunday 9th

A big change in the weather today all of us had our jumpers off working or walking about. Dave and Rod were busy grass cutting around the SM32. We had a birthday booked in for the afternoon, so some of the lads were getting stock and engines out ready for this. Others were busy around the site. One particular job was to weld up a bit of warn track. Brian & Chris were busy on the L& B

Thanks to Mark for a few photos

Mike getting steam up on his traction engine.

Dave getting the line's straight on the putting green. Must be golf time again.

Think the hole a bit big to the right Rod for a golf ball. Mind you who is playing?

More concrete to be mixed looking at the gap!

Tony fixing the horn on Great Northern

Dave drilling the new axle box to tap holes for the cover

Phil learning to get the stock out with Mark  and check the braking system before setting off.

Do I really need to type anything?

Steve grinding the rail ready to weld

Steve adding a bit ! (1 & a half rods more like) of weld to the rail to stop Paddington derailing

Phil working thought the ranks up to passenger haling on electric petrol motive power. 

The weld before Mark ground it nice and flat.

Bill having a driving lesson on Paddington



Sunday 2nd

Summer must be coming with the sun shinning so good today. This bought out the members for the 1st Sunday of the month steam up. Chris, Dave, Dave Mark Phil to name but a few. Allan, Dave & Rod were as normal in the middle area grass cutting  Adrian ran on the SM32 Plus another member arrived as I was leaving for home. Allan had the welder out working on the 2nd  diamond crossing. I was asked to do a welding job.

In the distance is Chris, Dave and Dave in the foreground you decided which is which.

Dave trying his Sweet pea locomotive on the ground today

Carful Rod you might get the cable jammed.

The dry concrete.  Hope so I took the rope down later!

Allan working on the next diamond crossing.

Martin with the late Neal's Paddington

Some visitor's about to set off on a ride.

I know a little trick with a problem like that Rod. You get a bar of steel.

The under side of one of the top tubes welded on

My job re welding the top tubes back on after the lads had altered the height of this we made many moons ago. The L&B sits on it.

Allan welding a joint up

Dave before he got a carriage to pull.

Mark about to set off with Paddington.

Rod sweeping up loose bit out the water fall. Wondering if he will get the Mr's Sheen out next.