The L & B Project

Paul has been working over at Andy W works since the boiler arrived, hes in most days!
Mike Brophy & myself did the smoke box door, then the 3 of us rolled the crinolines and wrapper.
The long pipes are the regulator for ours & the one Andy has been working on.
The boiler has now been trial fitted & painted.
Mark took the photos of the smoke box paint job.                    Close this page                                  Nov 2017

Drilling the regulator hole in the front tube plate

Smoke box with the front door ring in place

Smoke box door test fitting.

Test fitting of smoke box pre removal of the L&B to Andy W

Smoke box being tuned

Boiler and smoke box

One of theses is our our regulator the other is for Andy I think the brass fitting to the left fits in the big drilled hole on the boiler

Unsure ! part of the regulator

The boiler having the chimney fitted

Red oxide painted

Drilling the fixing holes around the chimney base.

Posing or rolling the crinolines

Paul & Mark working on the clubs bending rolls

The regulator valve fit in the big dome.

The regulator assembly 

The boiler with the regulator in place and fire box wrap being test fitted.

Paul setting up to roll the boiler cladding.

Paul and Mike starting to roll the sheet.

Paul and Mike rolling the sheet

The rolled sheet on the frames

The rolled sheet red oxide painted inside

Testing the boiler on the frames with smoke box.

So far

12th April 2018

Today a milestone has been reached on the L&B project with the chassis turning over on air for the first time!
Some minor adjustments are still needed and a lot of running in to loosen it all up. A proud moment for all who are working on the loco, congratulations.