National 2½” Gauge Rally. 6th August 2017.

The national 2 1/2” G Rally has made a welcome visit back to Balleny Green today. It was well attended by many returning face’s from past years. The weather was good for us all day which made it more relaxing for all to wander around, and chat take photos. There was a small passenger service running on the ground level George with his Romulus Chris with the Hymek was kept busy and occasionally gave driving lessons to any one interested in a drive around. Later Peter Mc steamed up and did some passenger hauling       

There are two slide show one using Mark’s Photos and then my photos

I do know that some of you are having problem seeing the slide show It is a Chrome setting on your computer more than likely. I have added a button to a help page with photos of what to do  

Two Half Rally 6th Aug 2017 Steve's Slide Show Photos Marks Slide Show Photos