Bonfire Day and Night 11 th November 2017

I arrived on-site at 9.30 am and found that some of the lads had already started placing the base of pallets for the bonfire.

The Bonfire is the first thing to build and was well under construction as the fencing was all in place ready. Martin and myself found ourselves climbing and placing the high quality rubbish due to the late arrival of Dave. A guy was found to take charge and sit on top while we all waited for the dinner bell to ring. This bought all the lads from around the site off  their jobs. Beef soup and french bread slices today Pudding Apple pie and custard.   

Some of us made a start and assembled the rolling stock. Other got  the car park light and stuff ready to be taken down and set up. The burger man arrived and started to set up his van in his normal space. The two visiting loco arrived on-site and were unloaded as was the raised level loco’s.

We were late this year as the trains were ready to start and the gate was opened , so a late tea for us 5 baked spud with curry chicken and another cuppa as well.

I noticed every train was full as it left the station and queues at the burger man and spud teas serving areas.

We were arranged to be ready for 7-30 ish to do the display. Which was in the dry and no wind about.

The display lasted 15 minutes. We had one of the end display booms not even leave the tube and one other which would not light. Chris forgot to reload one and missed one which he thought had gone off boom!

WE must thank Pip and Chris for all the work in getting the big booms we hear, go off. They need a fair bit of pre setting up as well. The big sad news is I have to report that it is PIP and Chris will no long be doing the fire work displace for us or anyone one, we will miss them. Their licence and the store place bunker and other reason have stopped them. We have known for the last 12 months and we are looking ahead to next year.

We all thank Pip and Chris for there years of doing this for us at little hay, and not forgetting all you for attending little hay cause with out you we all would have cheer louder. Hope to see you again.


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