This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 11th 12 th 13th Mon Tue 18th Sunday


25th Sunday    

Sunday 25th

The sun is still shining bright & high in the sky, Len had one of  his engine's in steam, I seen make up Len running his loco on the SM 32. Dave was cutting pallets up must be a wood burning mower he has got! The lads have /were busy laying concrete blocks in the swimming pool. They have done well, the big blocks soon make the job look well advanced. I got tasked with a few welding jobs what a surprise that was? Peter R was I think panting the bridge with gloss paint.

Mark sent some in taken on Friday and Saturday team working on the pool project. Many Thanks Mark

Concrete just gone in.

Must be fast drying stuff lads

Must be the end support for the diving board.

Brian waiting for the water to rise.

Mark busy cutting blocks to fit a smaller gap.

Been got working well done

Keep quite a foreigner job for Peter Mc

Martin and Brian building the sunken bar.

Mark and Mike with the Hymek

Welding job number 2 a cover for a cable box A lid up side down heavy traffic type

Welding job number 3 L& B stretcher and back pony privet  point.

Job done Still hot don't touch it yet.

Twice in one day Note to self watch out for Mark

Mark checking the diving board level. Brian still at the bar end.

Martin needs more comp Dave checking the level

Looking good lads will it hold water we ask!


Sunday 18th

The sun is still shining hot and bright. I found the big hole, they dug last week. I also found Dave cutting grass and Rod fishing for grass! Dave M & Martin were busy in the newly dug hole. Phil ran his engine which needs a tinkering with at home! Brian & Chris were busy on L & B bits Chris was working on the cylinder from last week. Brian was working on the back pony pivot. Len had his water gauge glass fitted on his sm32 loco

Mark sent a few in as well for the day Many thanks

Dave do a different job if want different photo taking !!!

The hole in ground with drain in stalled.

 I think Rod's been asked to give us a talk on fishing


Brian doing a bit of grinding. (Mark's)

I spy another welding job. Brian grinding the steel ready.

Man with Grinder taking the edge off box section due to complaints it was sharp! Chuffing was mate!

Dave and Martin in the hole planning the next move.

Phil getting his first driving lesson on the ground level. Already for the afternoons Birthday party

Marks two engines on shed ready for steam up after dinner.

Repairing a water gauge for Len not saying how many goes he had. He didn't need his thumb and pinkie finger to add it up!! 

Then he checked the guarantee as it leaked after we did it.

Chris has been busy the brake cylinder and covers fitted 

Steve fitting a whistle to the brake truck


First outing for Dave's new Baldwin

Coming over the waterfall

Mark's K1 garret blowing a few cobwebs out.


Monday Tuesday 12 th 13th

With the digger arriving a day late, on Monday a small group of us get stuck into digging the new inspection pit for the L&B.
Tuesday work continued fitting in the drain before the floor could start to be concreted.

Sorry no captions, it your turn to make something up Feel fee to send them in on a post card.


Sunday 11th

The warm sun is back with us after a wet dull day yesterday. I found as normal Rod and Allan attending there SM32 patch and it is looking very splendid in deed. Len was up a ladder cutting dead branches out some tress which over hang the track. I got the other section of ladder so we could get higher up the tress. The lads where a little disappointed a little digger was arranged for today but it did not happen. The lads thought about it and got stuck in with spades and made a start on the job. Chris was left for a while, as Brian had to pop home Brian asked me if I could go to help Chris on the big lathe machine the brake cylinder bore for the L& B which we did and Brian was delighted Mark replace the plastic chain in the foot bridge stainless steel chain Phil ran his engine for the first time after some major work been do in it.

The SM 32 in full bloom

Len going up "men's wear, haberdashery"

What was dug out when I got there.

Allan & Rod  busy planting more plants.

Chris drilling the cast iron block

A good gang digging away.

Boring the drilled hole out.

Job done bored to size and faced off.

The brass brake piston resting in the bore.

Must be dinner time 

Phil with his engine.

Bet you thought I would not find you there Rod