What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 2nd Sunday 9th Sunday 16th


Sunday 23rd

Sunday 30th


Sunday 30th

Another mild Sunday autumn morning, Mark was busy looking into the water tank and cleaning out the muck that had drained into it over the years. Steve W was back on his swing bridge, that's looking very good job. Bob had his King Arthur loco for a boiler test. Allan & Dave were busy building yet another compost vault. Rod was putting up the newly painted post and chain links. Chris was milling the coupling rods for the L&B Paul was testing his loco with Marks help. Dave and Martin found the track outside would not allow the L&B inside full access around the loco on the trolley. So the ladder bit, will be moved to the left by 6 inches by the wall end.

Mark with his trusty barrow We collect rain water for the locomotive boilers.

The new fencing is coming on a treat .

Bob's King Arthur having a boiler test.

Chris still busy milling the L& B rods

Brian on the lathe boring a steel block Not sure if is for the L&B or home!

The flat pack gang busy at work

Rod with a massive bag of gold sovereigns.

Mr Tire is about again. Strange only he can fix a puncture.

Steve with Mike working on the swing bridge.

Mark with Paul looking at Pauls Bridget loco

"Huston" we have a problem, the hole in the wall is in the wrong place.

Rod we all know where you buried the bricks

I sure the drawing  is upside down most of the time. 


Sunday 23rd

A warm sunny autumn Sunday morning with many lads on-site working today.  Bill, Mark later joined by Peter and John digging a trench for a cable ducted. Allan & Rod were busy painting the chain post from by the pond. Adrian & Dave were making compost to fill the bins they made. The lads had been busy last Tuesday laying slabs around the swimming pool and laying the concrete tops to the sunken bar tops. Brian & Chris were milling some L&B coupling rods on the miller. Steve and his team were busy digging and braking concrete to fit a swing bridge. Mark & myself were checking the carriages for bonfire night.

Thanks Mark for the photos

Must be bonfire night soon again.

Another cable been buried power for Santa

Rod and Allan busy re painting the chain posts

Adrian & Dave busy with the shredder filling a compost bin

The lads have been busy putting small slabs around the top of the swimming pool


Just need the hand rail fitting diving board etc.

The L& B rods are next to be machined.

Mark getting a different photo

Chris watching chips been made

The concrete has been put around the tops of the sunken bars both ends

Good job lads that never move.

The puncture repair department do call outs as well  

The painting gang working away

Steve JC and Mr poser him self Mike 

The red bit is been concreted, and the yellow track will swing on it

Steve hard at it as was the concrete

Quick repair to a carriage bogie on the bench

Mark and my self checking carriage for bonfire night

Dave and Brian marking the wall for the door

 Is this were the drinks will be served from I wondering.

Steve drilling the block to brake it off .

The trench so far, Think it should be deeper lads we use steel stakes a lot around here!!

Dave filling the compost bin even more.

This need looking in to lads

Have a cuppa lads "Man" at work


Sunday 16th

Autumn is here for sure as there is a chill in the air if a cloud got  in the way of the heater. Rod was busy thinning out some bushes Adrian was busy sweeping up conkers and the leaves. Phil had his engine in steam for a run around the high level track. Dave and Martin were doing, shuttering for concrete and later the block laying was finished. The carriages were got out for the last of our booked birthday parties I then found Adrian Dave & Len building another compost box in the copes, to which I helped build.

The none swimming pool

The steps in to the other side of the sunken bar side

Martin & Dave cutting shuttering wood for the tops of the bars area.

Rod thinning out some bushes.

Phil asking is this pose OK. Well that what I thought he said!

Adrian sweeping up conkers. The kids found lots in the afternoon as well.

Martin fitting the shuttering

Just another view off the lift

Cough Cough Dave dusty block you got there!

More posing taking place.

The wood working department

This side is the top lads OK !

Wrong now is upside down

Some work taking place for Santa's station


Sunday 9th

A slight chill in the air at first, this soon went and warmed up to be a pleasant day. Dave & his gag were getting wood of the bonfire pipe to make compost bins for the ground planting team. Rod was busy cutting grass to fill them. We had a birthday book in for the afternoon so some of the lads check all was ok and got the rolling stock out. While the lads worked on the still dry swimming pool & got stuck in, on more work welding concreting job.

Andy's latest creation here for a test run

J C getting steam up.

Brian cranks up the mixer, It that old its clock work !!!!

Chris with a new puzzle

Dave with a his version of  Ikea

Rod taking it slow as Dave has no instructions that are understandable !!

Looking in to the pool

Dave deep in thought about the bubble on the spirit level

Don't think much to this paddling pool

Cough Cough

Mark keeping his eye in on shovelling Normally got coal on it and the hole not rotating

Martin & Mark laying a step in to the pool

Martin finishing off the top step

Steve on the welding job

Andy waiting for a green light.

Chris puzzle in place the brake gear on the L&B

Another welding job on the brake cylinder.


Sunday 2nd

A sunny Sunday morning bought out the lads for the first Sunday of the month steam up. Two lads on the ground level getting steam up Mark & Chris got the Hymek out as there were quite a few visitors wanting rides today. Len was on the raised track. The Dave & Dan were on the SM 32. The swimming pool did not hold water, so it's use has been changed. What a surprise I hear you say!! Dave, Martin and myself working on this today as the other where no were about ! Brian was working on the L&B brakes cylinder

Two lads getting steam up

Bob must be getting close as there is steam all about.

As is Dave getting close to having a run around.

Len trundling around the high level with his sweet pea.


Dave and Martin adding ballast to the new track bed.

What is going to look like well sort off!

Martin and Dave checking the gap at the far end Big door going there.

Bet you all guessed I be doing!


Steel sleepers welded in place. NO I have missed one. That so the ash pan can fall in between the tracks.

Len getting a small hand to help him put some coal on the fire.