What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 6th Sunday 13th Sunday 27th





Sunday 27th

A very pleasant warm autumn Sunday morning to be outside working. The usual lads working on-site. Allan Dave & Rod keeping the centre area clear of leaves. Working on the L&B  was Dave Brian and Mark. Mike and Steve W were adding the finishing touches to the swing bridge. It was tested with John R and his 5" gauge Simplex loco which once belonged to the late Roger Timmings. John C bought his Elidir which was having a test as it is booked into do one of the Santa days. I found Dave M and Brian about to lay some gravel under the bus shelter. After a few small job, we started to hang fairy lights a slow job  Thanks to Mark for a few latter photos sent in

John and his Simplex Locomotive.

Two men out standing in our field

The roof all done by the Tuesday lads Allan hiding, Dave digging Brian checking.

Extending the platform with gravel stone.

Bob the Mr Mole catcher.

J C on shed getting steam up.

Bob fitting a Mr Mole trap.

Mike and Len checking the work.

Brian lifting a small slab, Trip hazard been fixed. Only found by Brian!

J C after a small run around to check all OK

Steve and Mike about to do a spot of welding

Dinner time and the barrow is still half full of fairy light to be hung up.

Rod starting another work of art

First light up of the new platform

For Santa alight here


Sunday 20th

A typical autumn morning, chilly after some heavy rain, the night before. I found Dave M washing, roofing sheets for the new bus shelter behind the club house. Dave E and Rod were busy sweeping leaves up in the middle area Allan had checked the compost bins. Steve W was busy welding and added more bits to the swing bridge. Not sure what was being done on the L& B today. Bill was checking the signal around the track. Brian Martin & myself were busy building the bus shelter roof   

Had our porridge have we lads? busy working away.

The bus shelter with no roof

Steve W grinding it away or burning a hole in the jacket

Dave busy washing the roof sheets Martin in the way of the shot.

Bill waiting for Rods fishing rod.

 I will hold it, you play it. 

The roofing gang at work.

Steve sorting out the 3 1/2" gauge track bit. watched by Mr  Gnome

The new lock to keep the swing bridge open.

There was talk of going all around the track !!


Sunday 13th

The day after the day & night before! Yesterday we had our bonfire party event, and today is clean and tide up morning. Never many lads on-site but all working hard to tidy up.

What is left of the bonfire we worked so hard to build in the drizzling rain.

The lads starting another as never got to see the other  one burn.

Fire proof safe cans, well almost

Rod in a different pose after cleaning up a lot of mess of the fire works

Allan and Dave digging


Sunday 6th

A very chilly morning today, with many lads working on-site some working on their last weeks jobs, others getting read for next Saturday bonfire night event. There were a few members having a run around with their loco.

Chris with the Hymek giving visitors a ride or dive

Dave getting ready to test a loco boiler.

Paul with his Bridget locomotive

The swing bridge open.

No smoke with out fire.

The swing bridge closed.

Dave, Rod & Allan Yep lads. No comment today.

Martin & Dave busy and happy with there out come But I spy a welding job looming

Another rod on the miller No work done today on this.

Steve (not me) doing some welding 

Paul coming back in to the station

Phil happy with his run after the need for a second match been struck.

Rodney's wife Chris painting the compost bins (some are worried they will get demolished by the French rozzers)

Chris with another driver