What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

1st Sunday 8th Sunday 15th Sunday


17th Tuesday

22nd Sunday 24th Tuesday

29th Sunday


Sunday 29th

Another warm Sunday, some called it hot as well. I found, Peter still under the footbridge preparing for painting. Dave M was checking his engine and had a small run around. Brian, Chris, Chris, and Len were busy on the L& B. I found Mark, in deep thought looking at the club air compressor. After I helped removing the cylinder head for the second time we, think the valves are not sealing as they should. So new one's are to be ordered.  Rod, Dave & Len were busy cutting grass in the middle area. Steve W had his Traction engine in steam may be for a steam test. Dave M, Mark and myself had sweep up/tidy up around the coal bunker in readiness for a coal delivery.

Peter in the shad under the foot bridge.

Dave getting up steam.

Many hands make like work some say, fitting the weight shaft

Part of the club air compressor, The lads had noticed it was taking a long time to make air

The L&B has some of the brake gear fitted.

Brian on mower repairs.

Mark was watching the clock.

Len helping cut the grass Dave in the distance doing the same.

Steve bought his Traction engine for a run around chatting to Len.

Mark helping Dave sweep up the coal area

Rod working hard as usual

Warning learner driver heading your way

Rodney fitting another poster.


Tuesday 24th

Looks like Tuesday was delivery day I arrived to find a large lorry in the gate way ready to drop off the new plastic sleepers. Next Gills arrived to drop more sand gravel & cement. The hort team were out doing there bit. Dave & Allan working on the new point, Bill rewiring a signal, in the workshop work continued on the l&B.

Tuesday coffee morning

Paul drilling the L&B fly cranks

Mike making a get away with the tractor

Mike & Tony loading the cement

Looks like Bill has been called to a meeting at the top table

Peter in usual pose

Allan cutting the new point to length


Sunday 22nd

The Sun was high in the sky today. This bought out a three of locos and 1 lawn mower. Chris B was going to get steam up as was Mark D with Paddington to give Dan a driving lesson. Len was on the SM32 having a run around. Dave O was painting a raised level truck. Allan D had been very busy removing grass from among the SM 32 pillars.  Peter R was still painting the foot bridge, but in comfy mode.  Dave & Rod were busy on their normal tasks and doing a good job as well. Brian & Chris were working on the cylinder to the L&B

Dave standing checking his work.

Len getting steam up and doing the oiling while he waits.

Allan had been very busy digging out the grass ready to concrete and gravel. 

Some work that was done last Tuesday.

Mark & Dan getting Paddington out to have a driving lesson.

Last week concrete ready to be walked on.


There is an art in lying down on the job.

Mark taking a photo for the Face Book page.

Chris getting steam up for a run around.

"How Dee Partner" doing the same as last week I see!

Rods handy work grassing the bottom of the steps Then he planting some plants.

Len engine on the move with a good rake of carriages.

Chris with a good fire going

Dan with a good fire going.

Dan adding more black gold.

Dan after a few laps Mark checking


Tuesday 17th

The usual Tuesday members on site, the mowers & strimmers were in full flight. Allan L & Mark D set to repairing the Hymek after we found on Sunday 2 of the axles had loose wheels (just spinning on the axle no traction). Chris was making gaskets for the valve chests on the L&B after he & Brian had tapped the cylinders. Outside another section of concrete was cast by Brian, Dave, Martin & Len assisted by Allan D. Peter was still painting the Forth Bridge.

Cylinder being tapped

Hymek in kit form

Hymek bogie with the axle removed

Paul milling a key way slot

The wheel with a key way slot in it to stop it turning on the axle

Martin & Dave at work on the new L&B branch line

Mark having a go with the pick

Getting plenty of advice

Brian with the big mixer

Dave & Len spreading it about

Peter on the bridge repaint


Sunday 15th

The summer is here dare I type! I found Len and Dave with lawn mowers going flat out. Rod was working around the SM 32 area cutting grass by hand. Peter R was using the good weather to paint the foot bridge. I found Brian Chris and Len R in the work area Chris and Brian were working on the cylinders Len was using the grit blaster on a job from evening class. I got asked to do a small welding job. We had a birthday party book in for the afternoon which went very well.

Len busy walking the straight and narrow.

Dave heading for the shade again!

Rod working up a appetite cutting around the pillars. 

No Dave about working today.

Peter busy painting the foot bridge.

Mark & Allan chuntering away as steam is raised on Allan Jessie locomotive.

We have posh clean seats for dinner. A cap is normal attire "Ho and don't look up"

Rod trying to catch's some place for tea as he fancies Crispy chips with Salt N vinegar.

Birthday boy driving Jubilee.


Sunday 8th

The sun was shining high in the sky today. This bought out a few members working. Steve W was tasked with taking an old tractor to a museum. Rod with Dan & Dave's help were finishing of the turf laying from last week. Dave M was digging track bed out after the vandals removed the grass last Monday. Peter Mc had rolled a steel sheet for a lamp post cover. I got tasked with a small welding job then to make a drilling jig for sleepers. Brian had laid some concrete last Tuesday. Rod & Dave later got cutting grass. Allan was found digging grass up from under the arches.

Dose it go? push the red button, put put put  it peered way like a sawing machine.

And how many buckets are we aloud to use lads?

Dave just getting the trailer to fill up.

Peter M fitting a steel cover to a lamp post 

You guessed it Steve can you weld this for me.

The finished drilling jig ready to use.

Brian's handy work last week.

Dave with Lens and Johns help digging down and finding all sorts

Who upset who! Well someone did shout feeding time at the zoo,

Dave out on his travels' again

Rod keeping his hat low so not to get it hammered.

Allan's got a nice job. They have found the grass under each arch some what of a problem to cut! so it getting gravelled


Sunday 1st

A chilly day for May. However it fetched the engines out for a run around Bob, Dave, John & Len all had a run this morning. Bill was in the club house on the computer. Brian was working on the L&B tapping holes. Brian was getting the old big mixer oiled up and checked. Dave was digging by way of a change of job! Dave was refurbishing the raised level carriages. I welding up the last two bridge posts on the down steps to the middle grass area. 

Monday 2nd Bank Holiday Dave & Rod have been busy cutting turf to relay by the new shelter

Dave, you found out what the spade is for then!

Len with his engine an open cab sweet pea.

Dave refurbishing one of the raised carriages

Dave and his Speedy getting steam up.

John just coming back in to the station.

Brian has been busy mixing concrete more needed I think.

Yep lots more Brian. That's why we was starting the big mixer was it.

Bob & John deep in thoughts.

John with his Elidir


Dave putting his stuff away Job done on this one.  

Monday 2nd

Preparing site in front of steaming bay

Cutting out turf to lay new track

Len and Martin braving the weather

an artist at work

new turf to replace old