This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 6th Sunday 13th Sunday 20th


Sunday 27th    

Sunday 27th

A chilly Easter Sunday morning, So no need to fret the chocolate will melt outside. The new slabs are going down nicely lads. I found Dave with the lawn mower going up and back while Rod was looking for Easter eggs on the rockery. Brian was on puncture repairs today helped by Allan later on. Peter Mc was still digging his trench. Chris with John C help were turning a flange for the L&B. Chris later on was giving passenger rides. Dave had his Speedy  in steam again. Later I found Rod and Brian re attaching the pond water pump for the waterfall. Today I fixed an air leak in the work area only because I made it worse when I had tried to stop it. Some say don't mess, I now know why.

Looking good lads.

Dave and Gorge for today.

Gorge looking for little eggs.

Only need put ait in the bottom bit where its flat!

Looks like got the air in the correct place Brian.

Peter digging his trench.

Dave's very nice looking Speedy.

Chris and John on the Boxford lathe turning a flange.

We are staring to get the A380 in to Birmingham airport starting this week.

Chris with the Hymek and some visitors Dave in the back ground. 

Dave with his speedy a lot smaller then his full size one's at seven valley

Gorge and Dave with a sad bucket. The water pump live in it. in the pond.

Complete with holes drilled in it

It works lads


Sunday 20th

We are blessed with more sun shine today. The slabs are going down slowly with the Tuesday gang and they are making a wonderful job of it as well. Rod was cutting grass Dave and Alan were busy working of the roof of the fag shelter.  Chris was working on the L&B with Dave and Mark working on Neal's locomotive. Brian was doing general maintenance in the work area. Peter Mc with Mike B and Brian were laying cable ducting.  Rodney with Len were fixing, fencing by the gate. Later Dave and Mark got, steam up and tried Neal's engine The Hymek was out giving rides.

Any one know the cones hot line number as some are unsure what they mean. (KEEP OFF)

Click. Rod starting his biweekly mowing job.

Click. Dave up the ladder today painting the wood around the shelter roof.

Looking good lads No wonky bits either!

Chris with John's help fitting the studs to one of the cylinder blocks on the L&B.

Neal's Paddington about to get a boiler test after Dave and Mark fitting the boiler back on it.

Rodney with Len fixing fencing around the track side.

Click. Dave trying to hide from Allan Rod unaware he's been spied on. 

That's what Rod was doing feeding the fish.

Mike B with the Hymek returning back to the station with some visitors.

Dave & Mark doing a steam test on Neal's loco, after the new wheels tyres fitting.

Mark about to test the engine around the track under steam.

It still runs Neal. Looking strange with no side tanks on as yet.

Mark checking all ok so far.

Click. Rod with his trusty bucket out of hibernation.

Click. Dave painting the bit we can see. Still no wonky bits. Thought there was just around there Dave? My mistake!


Sunday 13th

A lovely sunny Sunday morning most unlike mid March. I found Mike having a steam up with his traction engine as was a visitor with his 5" Speedy and Chris with his battery loco. Chris G had the Hymek giving visitors rides around. The new path is looking good Mike was moving slabs ready for Tuesday.   Dave M & Mark were busy on Neal's Paddington. Allan & Dave were busy on the fag shelter. Peter Mc was busy bending conduit pipe for an outside cable. 

The concrete base for the slabs

The visitor steaming up his Speedy

Chris B and his battery loco

Mike getting steam up on his Allchin traction Engine.

Neals boiler has almost been refitted Dave and Mark were busy fitting the steam pips today.

Chris with some passengers

The new concrete under the bench. The lads were Rod less, so where able to do as they thought!

Dave adding more bits of wood to make it look pretty.

Chris again.

The smoke box all done steam pipes fitted Cab next I think

Peter threading some conduit pipe in the pipe vice.

Allan not watching paint dry I was told! Measuring up to make sure made enough.

Chris and his lady friend having a go on the Hymek.

The Speedy in the station having the oil  level checked. 


Sunday 6th

Mothering Sunday chilly as well. I found path working  on-site with road cone's about. The lads are removing some uneven slabs and stones to make it all safe and flat. They have slabs so Rod's not helping! Rod, Dave & Allan were putting the finishing torches to their bricks.  I had a surface grinding job. Paul was milling the smoke box stretcher. Dave & Mike were sorting out the brake gear on Neal's 1500 loco. One of the Brian's was of ill but the other with Chris were busy on the L& B locomotive.

New slabs been laid as some point in time to remove the stones by the post.

Rod on the final brick row.

Me making sparks on my own job this week. Vice jaws of the miller.

Paul on the miller removing metal so the steam chest cover can be removed if needed.

Dave and Mike have the wheels back in Neal's 1500. They were sorting out the brake linkage today.

Mike on the Boxford making a small spacer or two.

Allan trying his flat knee's out under the track putting a slab back in place.

Rod's won the sweep. Dave checking that not to much sand is been wasted in the cracks?

Any good a slabs Rod?