This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 5th Sunday 12th AGM Day


Sunday 19th 26th Sunday 28th Tuesday

Tuesday 28th

Not many on site today but all very busy. With the hort team a bit short handed new bodies were drafted in on the mowing.
Trackwork continued on the branch siding, and Mark & Len had boiler tests, whilst Peter continued on the bridge.

The hedge having a trim

 Mark & Len renewing the station hose pipes

 Lens loco having a boiler test

 Mark batch testing 4 sm32 boilers

 The new rail for the branch siding

 Dave & Allan checking the bend in the rail

 3 blokes & a rail bending machine

 Another couple of passes through and it will be there

 The alternative method when itís been overdone

Ready for the sleepers

 Almost finished     "Yea"


Sunday 26th Midland Fed Rally

With the sun shining high in the sky, We thought it would have bought more engine out for the rally but not the case. I will be doing a video with a slide show I hope in the events section. However I thought I would keep you up today on the WHY page

Rod busy cutting the bushes around the SM area along with Allan.

The point is working along with new bit of track

Dave with John sorting the one end Mike in posing mode at the other end

NOT more onions cooking in the kitchen are there. Smells nice all the same.


Sunday 19th

Yet another fine sunny Sunday morning to be at BG.  The SM32 area was being kept in good shape by Allan Dave and Rod. Peter R was still painting the bridge. Not a 4 year long job is it? I joined Dave M and his team adding a new point into the carriage shed area. This job needed to be done as we have no time in the calendar for it to be done later. 

Dave after the night before, but not after the AGM meeting yesterday!

Rod keeping low so the tracker dogs don't find him

Dave with his working party, Allan, Chris and Chris, just joined by myself

The old track removed. More soil to be removed.

The new point been tried in place with some new track.

Chris in posing mode  after cutting off the steel sleepers on the old track.

Peter R still painting the bridge or missed a bit last time?

Chris busy cutting the steel sleeps off the rail as we want the rail again.

Ballast going in after the terra mat is laid. Now joined by John C.


Chris making the joint to the old point Allan busy removing more soil.

Rod still in hiding Allan saying its Ok now the dogs have gone.


Saturday 18th Annual AGM

A fine and warm sunny Saturday to have our annual AGM meeting. I found after arriving later than my normal time Ann & Sharon with more onions, The lads must have got more then we thought last week. The lads got the marquee ready to put up for the afternoons meeting of members.  There were a few lads having a steam up Len, Bob Allan & Chris just has to turn a key! Not as well attended AGM meeting, as there has been in the past years around 20 members and then the board members and not forgetting the lady's, who looked after all the food and drinks during the day.

Ann & Sharon, Thinking the lads have found to many onions.

The frame was put together last Tuesday

Len & Chris with there engines Bob near us

Top on and one end with one side of legs.

Chris & Len putting far to many chairs out!

Allan checking all Ok after a run around.

Bob putting a extra shovel of coal on for the camera.

Adrian with the Hymek One for the new board members we vote on.

Two planes on their way to Cosford  air display.

Chris tinkering as there i no fire or water to attend to.

After the meeting had finished. The BBQ was in full swing.

Removing the legs on one side to remove the top and end.


Sunday 12th

What went wrong The rain came back with  the vengeance, In the morning we where all thinking about the forecast as we had a party booked in for after dinner today.  Most of the lads were undercover and checking if it looked like it had stopped raining. Working on the L&B were Chris and Brian. Mark with his dad Brian had sorted the air compressor problem out. It is now back working as it should do so. Rod with Allan's help was hedge trimming and other grass related, jobs around the pond. Dave Beaman had  two of his loco for a steam test. 

The fly cranks of the L & B

Mr Tyre man Brian

The lads just after the rain eased off, getting the stock out for the party.

Mr sparks grinding some angles on the angle, so the wheels will lead in better.

Rod and Allan pulling the net off the pond to do something.

Dave Beaman's locomotive on shed having a boiler test.

Dave's other engine also having a boiler test.

Dave M loco on shed ready to steam up for the afternoon's party

Bob's Speedy ready to steam up as well.

The right Honourable Rod catching his snoke fish for his tea!

A small pressure gauge been tested to check it reads correct. NO!

Rod busy hedge trimming along with Allan's help.

Peter doing the paper work for the steam tests

Brake time in the afternoon's party. Dry as well 


Sunday 5th

The sun was high in the sky today a welcome sight for our visiting club the, Erewash Valley MES and our Grand Opening of the SM32 track. All which will be on a separate page for you to see with video as well.

All gathering for the grand opening speech.

Looks like some one got the onions before  Mr Mainwaring's platoon got them

They sure did.

All the grass has been removed from around the columns by Allan and his team and gravel laid.

The engine shed before the opening and ribbon cutting.

BBQ getting going. run by Allan & Dean.

They look done in after getting the onions for the BBQ