This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

3rd Sunday 10th Sunday Sat Sun 23/24th July 31st Sunday    

Sunday 31st
Another warm sunny Sunday morning at BG. Not many lads on-site today. Len had his engine in steam after a repair job at home. Len Rod and Dave were busy around the SM 32 keep it all in ship shape. Brian with a bit of help of myself did some more digging on the new platform. Peter and Mark & Mark were painting. Peter Mc was cleaning the raided track ready for next week rally. Brian & Chris were working on the L&B Dave M with Dave were making a start on digging the track bed in the compound area

Len testing his engine only to find another problem.

Len musts have gone and got his permit to day.

Rod thinking do I need a permit or not! 

Some lads had a good go in the pond on Friday clearing out some of the reeds and weeds

Brian busy on the new platform job.

Ready for the concrete to be mixed.

Peter slowly working around the signal box painting 

Mark painting a price chalk board.

Mark setting up to paint

Mark spray painting some L&B parts

Looking good Mark

Peter cleaning the track

Dave busy as usual

Dave with a spade question is dose he have a permit to us it?

Dave with Dave's help cutting the grass to mark the bed ( a big job here)

Before you all ask? No I did not have a permit as it is a sitting down job

Moving the mixer up ready to mix concrete.

No chance of a speeding ticket with this move.

Len having a drive on one of the club loco's Looks like Neal's

Peter & Mark still busy track cleaning 


Saturday 23rd Sunday 24th
Saturday, Unsure of the work force, Dave E and Brian ! They look very busy looking towards winter! As they are constructing the new platform for Santa's train ride.

Sunday The weather today was not so hot as, it has been in the week, a welcome brake, some are saying ! Peter Mc was checking a boiler under construction, Len was busy cutting grass banks, Brian with Brian and myself did some more digging on the new platform. Dave E was busy cutting grass, Allan & Rod were busy digging around a bush for some reason! Mark B and Mike were on the lathe turning an alloy disc for a steam blower for one of the club locos.

Hedge trimmed ready to excavate platform base.

Hedge trimmed ready to excavate platform base

Half of the turf removed

first half ready for soil removal

Second half commenced.

Second half commenced


Brian & Brian one got the hard job !

Len busy with the strimmer on the grass bank

Dave thinking, is this thing going to take off soon!

A sweet pea boiler been checked by Peter

The fire box end with Peter's hand in it

Peter checking the fire box where the fire will be.

Peter painting the signal box now as we have had new windows made and fitted.

Brian still busy.

Have Rod & Allan been sent home I am thinking ????

Mark with Mike help doing a bit of lathe work turning a alloy disc for a steam blower.


Sunday 10th
A dull but warn July Sunday morning Dave and Len were busy on the track laying into the north east corner. Two lads bought the engines to have a steam up and run around. Chris ran the Hymek around with some visitors aboard. Peter was fitting a steel post to the steps. Brian & Mike were looking at the lawn mowers

Dave & Len shoving the ballast for the new track to be laid upon.

Len about to get steam up and have run around.

Dave doing the same but on the ground level track.

Chris with the Hymek and some visitors.

I wonder if he mows THE tennis court.

Dave and Len getting on well

Peter bolting a post on the steps for the chains.

Dave just setting off on his first of many laps he did this morning.

Mark having a run on the SM32 track today


Sunday 3rd
Another warm sunny Sunday @ BG but very quiet turn out today. There was a visit by another local club yesterday. If I get any photos with a report I will bring it to you. Rod was busy with Dave as normal on usual jobs around the SM32 area. Peter Mc bought his B1 for a test run. Brian & Chris were busy on one of the lathes turning and drilling crank pins. 

Dave keeping the line straight today Rod keeping low !!!

Dave has been busy making a flower bed on the inside of the SM32 track

Penny dropped, Tennis on, low flying balls around again.

The track so far

It smells good lads.

Peter getting steam up on his B1 "GNU"

I see you just!!

Chris drilling a crank pin on the Boxford lathe.