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Happy New Year To You All.

Sunday 31st

A damp drizzling morning, but very mild for the time of the year. The drizzle soon went off somewhere, else to leave the lads to do there job outside in the dry. Rod & Allan were busy removing the slabs to prepare the ground for the block paving bricks. Mark, Dan, David & Mark were busy on rolling stock. Mark with Dan's helped  checking the brake system and a small service on each coach. Dave & Mark were on washing duty of each coach.

Brian & Chris were busy on the L&B drilling hole. Dave M was on the big lathe turning some steel rings on a different project. I did a small surface grinding job for Dave. Peter Mc was collecting measurements of building on-site to update the club records cad file. I helped by holding the far end of the tape measure 

Rod waiting for ? me to go away !!!!

The bearing in place waiting for bolt hole to be drilled.

A close up.

The spring hangers with springs fitted on the bolts.

Surface grinding four candles, sorry four nuts to make packing spacers for Dave later.

Dave turning 6 steel rings to fit on Neal's damage wheels castings.

Brian & Chris drilling more hole's in the frames.

Mark & Dan checking the rolling stock brake system.

Dave and Mark on the carriage drive thought wash.

Free return delivery service included.

The big hole cutter. The hole is to get at the blow down valve on the boiler.

Dave measuring the bore of the ring.

Wizzing around not that fast camera would not pick it up to well. Boring the ring.

The block pave area nearly ready for blocks to be laid.

After I left Mark and Dan tested Neal's Tich locomotive and gave it a run around

Dan making slow progress with Neal's Tich.

Dan not impressed with my (Marks) comment on the size of his engine!



Sunday 24th

Spring is here judging by the very mild weather today. I got recruited ON to the fag shelter. Yes literally, to fit more bolts and to cut the side off with the angle grinder. Helped by Allan Mark & Rod. Mike was re laying a couple of trip hazard slabs. Dave was busy on the lathe. There was another trip to Neal's house so there was not a grate amount been done. Later Allan & Rod set about cutting a slab so the can lay some block paving around the steam up area. Then they set about cutting some wood for the fag shelter roof.

If only I had my camera to video the performance Rod had to start/work my camera.

Rod got the hang of the camera now.

Mark having a go with the camera now! all getting there own back I suspect!

Cutting the over hang off.

Allan busy making a dust cutting a slab.

The are going to remove the row Allan is on and brick pave it.

Hole in one Rod. Drinks are on you are they!

That's it Rod, put the sod back.

The two clearance hole drilled in the frames.

Allan & Rod cutting the points on the wood for fag shelter roof.


Sunday 17th

A chilly Sunday morning with a scattering of the white stuff on the grass to make it feel like winters his here. I found the work are a hive of activity today when I walked in. Brian and Dave off the SM 32 track working on one of the late Neal's locomotives, his Bridget. They were going to boiler test it with Peter's help. Brian was still on sort out of Neal's boxes of bit. Peter R and John C were sorting small tins out and finding new homes for the bits they found. Dave and Chris were turning another bearing for the L& B the third one, two for the engine for the scrap bin! Brian was turning some steel for the axles box and spring hangers. I was tasked with a welding job on the spring balance bar, as well as help Chris turn the 3rd bearing for the L& B.  I walked up to check the boiler testing and found Allan L and Jack on-site steaming Allan's Jessie The Bridget and the Jessie are the same engine one is built as a 042 and the other as 040. the 042 has side tanks (Bridget) The 040 a saddle tank (Jessie) both 7 1/4"G

Chris on number three bearing holder

The bolts welded in to make adjustment later easy. Turn the nut and the bolt stops still. The nut fits by the red pen cap.

Brian fitting a axle box keep so he can do some measuring.

Allan just about to come off shed with his Jessie.

Neal's Bridget been boiler tested by Mark and Peter Mc.

A close up of the Bridget.

Jobs a good one so far. Just needs turning around and facing to thickness where the rust is and turning the OD to size.

The Jessie in steam.

The other side of the Bridget.


Sunday 10th

Today the weather was chilly and dry. A Small group of use were asked to go to Neal house to collect some machinery along with tools that his family say we could have. Before we left Dave did a bit of lathe turning. Brian was tasked with making space for Neal's tooling for when we returned. Chris was happy doing some milling for the L& B spring hangers. Allan Dave & Mark worked on the fag shelter. Peter R was very busy painting the lounge club house seating area.   

Due to many complaints the roof is getting fully covered.

That's it lads just chuck a sheet up there it will do.

Steve assisting Allan with a support for the fag shelter roof

Dave turning one of the bosses for the weight shaft before e left.

At Neal's the trailer getting full.

The full trailer getting a push.

Chris after we got back busy fitting the spring hangers (square blocks under the black bars)


Sunday 3rd

A very wet Sunday morning and not just in our field judging by the roads driving to LH. Brian Dave & Rod were in the club house looking at SM 32 boiler testing there few engines along with Len. After a short very wet walk to the L& B project I found Brian and Peter R busy chatting. Peter was doing some woodworking  for the kitchen. It has been all painted and they found some skirting board missing and Peter is making some to fit. Brian was looking at the L& B weigh shaft job  I proceed to tap and fit the steel blocks to the top of the frames. Later Dave and Brian started to look into the steel part the the bronze bush will fits. Brian Dave & Rod came in out the rain to make some jigs/patterns so lots can be made for the fag shelter.

Dave getting ready to make steel  bar smaller lighter!

The SM 32 section came in out the wet and made jigs for the fag shelter I  think 160 are required

Smoker to the left Vapour use's to the right.


1st Jan

A chilly morning after the light frost last night. I found quite a number of visitors on-site some had been for a ride, But more were walking as I arrived. Brian & Dave were busy building what looks like a fag shelter over by the SM 32 but is not. Allan was getting his Jessie locomotive out his car to a steam up. The SM 32 track was in full use with two locos running around.

Think the lads had a box of wood for Christmas

Allan's Jessie loco on the lift. Going up men's wear & haberdashery

Chris just leaving with a full load

Any more OR again

SM 32 had a couple of loco's running around today as well.

Lean back bacon for breakfast Allan yumeee

New driver learning what to do