This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

7th Sunday 14th Sunday 21st Sunday


28th Sunday    

Sunday 28th

Spring is in the air at last with a little sun shine as well thrown in for good measure. I found, Peter R with John still busy putting some new tiles in the gents loo. Rod was busy laying his block paving. Dave E did a bit of digging then move to cleaning out one of the sheds along with Allan & marks help. Dave M was busy on the wheels off Neal's locomotive. Brian, Brian and Paul were checking measurement's on the L& B frames as they are fitting the cylinders Bob was on-site early trying to catch my mole again.  

Rod busy with his block paving.

Dave tinkering in the flower bed.

Dave fitting grub screws to make sure the steel shrunk on rims do not come off.

Neal's found three flanges had bits broken out So had made a start on this job, but a lass never got to do it.

The L&B with some paint on it.

Rod is now taking orders for drive ways and patios.

Don't wear it out standing on it now it nearly finished 


Sunday 21st

A very mild Sunday morning with some good gusts of wind now and again. It bought quite a few members out working today Mark and Peter were up in the loft fitting a new self. Peter R was busy tiling in one of the loo's. Rod was busy laying his block paving bricks. Allan D was back on painting parts for the fag shed roof. Chris had the Hymek out for a run around along with Mark who had Bridget out again. Brian Paul & Brian were very busy on the L&B locomotive Dave M was turning steel rings on the big lathe.  Thanks Mark for the 2 photos

We all said the table was to wide.

Rod would not comment if he had lessons of paddy!

The one weight shaft bearing all fitted in place The bar is 22mm or 7/8 OD.

The shaft in place in both bearing.

Dave setting up the last steel ring on the face plate to bore the middle out to final size.

More holes or bigger ones been made.

Mark & Peter cutting some ply for the shelf in the loft.

Allan thinks is the table big enough now for all my bits?

Dave measuring the ring ID

Were did you get the sore throat from Rod Paddy!

Neil's Bridget now painted in blue and looking very nice, drives as she looks.

Steve's in there somewhere.

Coming back in to the station

Dan back after a long run around with Bridget.


Sunday 14th

After a light frosty morning the sun came out and warmed us up. Not many lads on-site today. Mark B with Allan L, helped by John C  fitted new table tops to the old legs in the kitchen area. Rod & Allan were discussing their next move on block paving by counting the missing bricks. Brian & Brian were busy on the L&B drilling big hole again. I with Brian's helped moved a lathe cupboard and steel worktable (swoop's places job) as Dave found the saddle hand wheel and the steel table caught his hand if he was not careful. A young lad and his dad were taking it easy playing on the SM 32

The new cuppa shelf is now fitted lads!

Paddy need not be worried YET!

Brian cutting a big hole with the mag drill.

The cutter cuts a plug of steel out The cutter is like a tube with teeth on it I'll get a photo.

Keeping a line of sight well done as no signals in stalled?


Sunday 7th

A nice start to the day but the wind soon picked up in the afternoon and normal service was resumed by the evening with the rain arriving.
A few members on-site working on different projects. Dave M brought his loco for a test but failed to have a run due to a problem with his water gauge.
Later in the afternoon we tested Neal's Bridget freshly repainted after a trip to the works.

Dave getting ready for a boiler test

Allan & Dan working on a foreigner bend copper for 16mm gas tanks

Got ya!

Adrian & his wife came down to test his new model of The Earl which is battery operated

Crossing the waterfall

You wouldn't know from this it's electric

Bridget having a steam test

First test run over 10 years!