This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Sunday 18th Boxing Day  



Boxing Day

The day after the day before! Boxing Day. It looked a very pleasant morning out at first, till the wind got blowing this bought a good chill to the air where every, you stood. Chris had got the Hymek out and had been out for a trip. There were quite a few SM32 lads running today Dave was ready to re gauge the whole Track as his new loco was set at 45 mm gauge. Brian was chuffed as he had had his loco painted without his knowledge and received it yesterday.

Chris before the chilly wind got up.

Dave's new loco waiting for some good Allen keys to move the wheels gauge!

Brian with his newly painted loco.

15 years in the making with some long holiday in the middle.

Rodger on route warped up well.

Lots of carriages all ready.

Some locos getting steam up.

Rodger again looking cold!

Brian with some passenger.

John with his family braving the cold.


Sunday 18th

A damp with a slight chill to the air today. Most of the cleaning up had been done with just the marquee to be taken down and a few other grotto things the be put away safely. Many things have been put back in the home for another year.  If you use the Sm32 route to work there are major civil engineering works going on. A half planed job, some think, seeing the drawing of the job (blue high lighter and a back of a! Not sure) Rod had been under the weather but back to normal  working on the pond. Dave was dead heading plants. There were a few other lads on-site some working on the L&B

Is this the spot we working on?

No Hi viz bibs. Under age labouring

Rod removing the pond pump for the winter.

Dave I think dead heading stuff.

Mind the gap!

Definitely a over run on time, for Monday morning no extra track ordered!

Bridge replaced with a speed  a restriction


Tuesday 13th Evening Santa

A small group of members had a few nibbles


Sunday 11th

We had our annual two Santa specials this weekend for more details and lots of photos as well as video of the two day please see the Santa Specials link  

"WE" are defiantly NOT open all hours 



Sunday 4th

After jack frost had disappeared, we was left with a really pleasant sunny Sunday morning. Some of the lads were collecting leaves for the middle area. Work was in full swing on the bus shelter, now even more pretty decked out with light and holly  The foot bridge was getting some attention as well. Allan was sorting the grotto out indoors helped by Mark B 

Martin reloading the staple gun Dave in the distance

Dave busy working away disguising a concrete post

Dave setting out his fence for next week

They are getting good at this job

Chris with the Hymek and a young lad  who had pop in to the club with his parents

Adrian busy hanging holly of the bridge.

Dave sweeping the patio. Looks like to spud oven is in place 

Got a spud mister? Or do you want a match to light it!!! (fitting a new pizzo button)