This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 7th SCRV 13th Sunday 14th August Sunday 21st Sunday 28th  



Sunday 28th

Another fine sunny Sunday morning at BG. Very few on-site today as there is a club invite to Bob Whitfield's nearby, and most of the club members have gone there. I found Allan Rod & Len busy in the middle area cutting grass. Mark B &  Mike B and Peter Mc were in the club house chatting. Later in the morning it did take 3 of us to change a fluorescent light tube in the club house. Bob was taking measurements' of our carriages to see if we could make some shorter light ones.

Bob taking some measurements' and to see how they were made.

Mike chatting to Len after a long walking mowing the grass

Allan 7 Rod checking there pot plants.

No Rod no need to cut it just yet!

The lads all busy, I was asked to keep my distance by Len as he had no make up on for the camera.


Sunday 21st

Another fine sunny Sunday morning at B G. I found some lads putting the marquee up as it was booked to be used in the afternoons' birthday party.  Dave with Len were, grass cutting, weeding around the SM 32  Rod was deep in the bushes digging a new shrub bed. Mark B was doing a bit of loco maintenance on the Grate Northern loco. Dave M  Mark D and myself did some new track laying out for the L& B loco. The party went well and a few photos were taken.

Just need to lads now lads to put the top on and pick it up.

And to think he asked me to remove my cap for a photo.

Rod digging with his cap on Not for long !!!

Mark busy with his tools.

Dave surviving the plan.

Len bought his under construction Tich along to show me.

Graham's coronation LMS loco ready for passengers.  

Chris entering platform one.

Three men outstanding in our field


Sunday 14th

A quiet morning with only a few members around. We had a party in the afternoon so a few more turned up around lunch time to assist. We had to make a few adjustments coming off the carriage lift when a brake truck kept derailing.

Thanks Mark for today's W  H Y

A game for all getting the fencing ready

A new gnome on the waterfall just needs a 'Rod'!

 Dave making track adjustments

 Dave's loco on shed for the party

 Our trains ready for the party

 Big discussions in the field

 Stan Laurel takes to the rails


Saturday 13th Sutton Coldfield Railway Society Visit  

I was late arriving but it had looked like it had been a good day for the society to visit, Sunny, with many engines. Dave S had his Stafford loco. Allan ran his Jessie loco. Dave M ran his Paddington Mark B ran on the high level Chris ran the Hymek and the other Chris drove the Jubilee

Dave's Stafford loco

Allan Jessie after his run

Still a lot of visitor's taking in the atmosphere.

Dave Coming back in to the station. 

Dave chasing us up the hill.

Mark B on the high level

Chris coming into the station


Sunday 7th 2 1/2" Rally Day as well

It has come to my attention that you are missing your W H Y update for today. We did have our annual Two & Half inch gauge rally which is on it own page with videos for you to see. I did get 3 photos for you  Mark busy painting as it was nice and warm sunny.  Dave so far with track work & Brian's concrete job

Mark doing a quick coat of red spray paint as it was so nice and warm day. L&B fly cranks

Dave and his team planning where to dig more out. More than the two bucket full for sure.

Brian and his team mixed and laid the concrete on Saturday