What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

Sunday 3rd Sunday 10th Sunday 17th April Sunday 24th    

Sunday 24th

A very pleasant Sunday morning to be outside working. First, Peter Mc sent two photo in last night from the Sutton Railway Exhibition which the club attending locally this weekend. I am not sure if I will get any more or a report, but if I do I will for sure let you see it all. Today was quite at BG Mark & his friend were getting steam up on Neal's Paddington. Dave had his lawn mower going in the correct direction. Brian & Chris were busy getting the L&B on the new frame now the paint has dried. Peter R was helping me on you guessed it the bridge.  

The exhibition stand the lads have set up Friday night for the two day show.

John C and Dave B outside  putting on a display for the visitors.

Paddington on shed getting steam up.

A 3/12" Tich and a 3 /12" g Britannia.

Dave with his sat nav working. Hearing lots asking what else dose he do?

Mark of on a trip now I have got out the way!

Two posts done on the bridge so far.

Up hill and over head welding are hardest to do. I am on page one of the welding book!

Len had a steam up today, but I was to late to get him running around.

Len packing away after his run.

The welding  holding up so far then. Not my problem guarantee ran out now.

Two left to do on the down steps to the inner grass area Rain stop play!

Mark with some passing visitors. 


Sunday 17th

The sun is shining and with some warmth to it as well at last. Allan Dave & Rod were busy grass cutting again today.  Peter R was working on the foot bridge preparing for painting. Strange feeling I be on the bridge next job next week! Peter Mc was still on the cabling job. Brian & Dave were looking at a track point which was giving trouble Brian, Chris & myself were tasked with construction a frame for the L& B to live on when it is finished, and to help it during the construction faze. The box sections was got and prepaid sometime ago. So just another you guessed it welding job.

Thanks for the photos Mark what was the reason fag butt blown on the line!

Not still sulking Rod?

Must be a warm job with Dave in the shady spot.

L & B upside down and waiting for the center axle to be fitted.

The frame in early stages of welding it up. 

Keep the sparks for bonfire night mister.

Brian & Dave on the works train checking the points.

No drawing and still going well by the looks of it.

Job done, Engine err going to be a bit small lads.

Me think Rod still sulking or just not talking to me! 

The lads getting steam up on the SM32 for a after dinner run.

Markís Puffing Billy NA class complete with a full set of stock half Markís Half Allanís

Major derailment by the pool, the R.A.I.B where soon on the scene to investigate

A full report will be made to the board next meeting

Normal service is resumed


Sunday 10th

The Sun was shinning but there was a chilly wind about on and off all day long. We had a birthday party booked in for the afternoon, so all the carriages were got out ready early today for some reason. In the engine bay area was a find display of Paddington's Neal's & Dave M. Bob with his speedy  & Dave M had got steam up and had a run about in the morning. Dave & Rod with Allan were busy with jobs around the SM 32 area. Peter M and Bill were on cable laying jobs. Brian & Chris were working on the L& B. I was busy fabricating a bracket to fit another winch over the L& B locomotive. The party went well but was chilly.

Neal's & Dave's Paddington's both built at the same time.

Bob's speedy

Grahams 5 inch gauge coronations locomotive in steam ready for the party.

Dave heading in the wrong direction.

Allan & Rod thinking they have found the £500! no it's the 1/2lbs of sausages. I found the money!

Peter tamping down the soil on his cable ducting.

The drain waiting to be concreted in place.

Allan still looking

They lads have put some new grass tuff down by the slabs.  


Sunday 3rd

Another fine Sunday morning which bought out the lads working. I see the Tuesday lads have finished the slabs. Dave M was getting steam up after a water gauge glass broke just after his steam test on his last visit. Peter R was taking advantage of the nice weather and doing some painting. The lad on the SM 32 were busy as normal, grass cutting been one of their sideline jobs. Brian was putting in a drain by the big door, this has been going on for a couple of weeks, helped by Len. Brian & Chris were busy on the L& B doweling the cylinder in place. Peter was still laying cables with Bills help outside. Dave & Mark were laying out track for the L&B as another hole in the wall will be needed. I was tasked with some welding jobs for Bill and his team of cable layers.

The slabs to the patio area have now been extended

Dave getting steam up on shed.

Peter touching up the paint on the steps.

Dave not looking where he his mowing.

Allan & Rod watching Dave with his hover mower and listening  for the crunch of the bush.

Brian has been very busy putting a drain by the big door.

Drilling a hole in the soak away concrete ring for the pipe from the door drain.

Neal's Paddington now back in service

Mowing finished, Allan has built a peer not for diving off either.

Not sure who was involved in the peer job but all taking credit for it