Bonfire Day & Night  12th November 2016

Today we had our annual Bonfire party, I arrived on-site at around 9.45am to find my mate Dave busy moving pallets, we normally find the bonfire well under way by the lads, but this year we looked light on the work force. We all work hard to get it built for dinner time at 12.30pm and we left Miss Fawkes in charge of the fire  just as the drizzle stopped.

Stake pie chips peas today for dinner all been done by the very busy catering staff to which we all thank for they're hard working and keeping us feed and water with tea and coffee, soon after we shout for a cuppa a tray of coffee and tea appears like magic.

During the afternoon the burger man arrived on-site and set up, the spud machine was washed and filled with big tatties, The rolling stock and the two club loco were got ready, in the mean time Andy arrived as did the Barron locomotive arrive

Pip and Chris were found setting up the fire work display helped by Jack, myself.

The gates opened at 6 pm and the fire was lit at 6 15 pm and all ran smoothly. All stopped at 7.30pm for the for the work display. Just in case you wondering it is very loud underneath it all going bag above our heads. Thank you for all the applause it’s proof you wasn’t looking in the other direction.

After you leave at around 9 pm, we have to start to pack away of engine’s onto the owners transport, the club stock and engines have to be put away, the car park light removed and put way.

Chris and myself locked the main gate at 10.30pm

We all thank you for coming, the lads on the level crossing gate heard many thank you’s and it a brilliant evening.

If you have any photographs of the fire works and would like to send them in I’d loved to add them on here for you. Email button below

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