Autism Support Group

On Tuesday August 23rd we were host to Sutton Coldfield Autism Support Group. This was the latest of several annual visits to Balleny Green and was once again very successful.

Vicky Roche, the organiser, said how wonderful the visit had been and wished to thank all our members that had supported the event.

About 30 children attended with their siblings and parents/ carers and had a great time. The children enjoyed train rides and being in a restful environment. They also enjoyed their picnic in the sun.

Guests started to depart about 2.00 p.m. with the request from Vicky that, “can they come again next year?” I assured her they could.

Children suffering from Autism often get very stressed when brought into a different environment, but there was little sign of this with our environment matching their needs so well. Parents and carers benefit so much from the chance to chat, compare notes and help each other.

Thank you members for supporting me in this event. The group made a very generous donation to us for which we would like to thank them.

Mike Bentley