This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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29th Tuesday


Tuesday 29th

Autumn is well on the way a cold foggy start to the day but it brightened up later to a pleasant day. The marquee frame went up for a private party Saturday, then work continued on the station bridge, Rodney and his team trimmed a few trees round the track, Dave & Mark continued laying the sm32track, whilst Dave M had his oiler out round the ground level.

Rehearsal for the bonfire in November?

Mike getting ready to pump Dave up.

Dave riding the barrel again

Dave & Allan filling in with more ballast ready for track laying

A load of ballast for station area

Mark laying track

Track in place ready for laying

First section of track being ballasted

First half of platform finished


Sunday 27th

A sunny late September morning, found Dave M with his 5 inch gauge Torquay Manor, a very long time since this engine has been here. Dave E & Rod were, grass cutting again along with Len. Rodney was still busy in the copes from last week. Brian had his tray full of spanners fixing a lawn mower. Stuart and John had a nice job getting there wires un crossed on the lathe starting buttons box. Peter R had the paint tin and brush out on the foot bridge, helped by John Cope. Peter Mc & Dave S were doing a boiler test for Dave M and his loco. Mark D was found moving soil, till I stopped him and check a brake truck problem. Brian was drilling lots of hole for shelf brackets. I was asked to do some ERR welding what else. I then helped Mark in the carriage shed

Peter painting going up.

Rod with the left handed watering can at the new rockery.

Notice some of the green wiggle bits have gone

Soil delivery for new rockery

Len coming down the slope of the tunnel top

This is a 30 inch long steel sheet folder It is a tad weak So I was asked to weld in a 1 inch "L" shape (angle iron) in place.

The confused electrician's (2 of them)  and the start stop box

They are there black ones.

Dave with his manor after passing the first part of the test.

Dave on his Manor after someone else found out if the regulator shut!


Sunday 20th

The sun was shining again today wonderful news for the birthday party this afternoon. Chris, Len Peter,& Paul got  the rolling stock out along with The club locomotives. Dave M & Graham G unloaded their loco ready for this afternoon party. Dave E was grass cutting around the pond area, I later found Len with a lawn mower. Allan & Rod were busy pointing the new rockery that they were building. I found the big lathe had been pulled out from the wall!! clutch playing up? what's new it always did, and still dose after Dave M and myself investigated the problem along with Brian's help.

Allan with his trusty left hand spade mixing cement for the rockery.

Looking very good lads Are we cutting the wiggle bits off later?

Have we a major brake down here lads? Dave found the mower did not power it self along and needed to be pushed

Rodney & Len in the cops levelling out grass cuttings.

 Allan with his trusty left handed watering can. Rod checking Alan was wigging the paint bush correctly.

Dave trying to feed the fish in his area away from  Rods & Allan's feeding area.

Dave on shed ready to steam up.

Graham unloading his car A4 LMS 4-6-2 "6220 Coronation" Like the queen went behind from Edinburgh

Rodney's pruning provides a new vista



Sunday 13th

A wonderful Sunday morning just like, we get in September. We had a birthday party booked in for today So John C and Bob B were busy getting ready for their duty after dinner. With Brian help along with Peter R & Chris G we got the rolling stock out so we was ready for 2 pm   The lads had been busy mixing concrete for the SM 32 Allan was cutting wood for the SM 32 track bed. Dave E cut the grass around the SM 32 area as Rod was possible wiggling his golf clubs somewhere on holiday.

The shuttering removed of the platform.

The viaduct Not sure what going on so watch this space Whoops the filled it in.

Allan busy cutting wood and preserving it creosote OR something as good or not!!!

Dinner time.  I must find a new spot, I been spotted!! Chatting to Dave about Neal H

Bob preparing his loco on the raised track steam bay for the party

John C getting steam up for the party.

Allan playing with his engine

All change dead end.

Allan engine with some coaches.

Lens new engine 



Tuesday 8th

 A very Autumnal day complete with fog. Tidying up seemed to be the theme for today, Mark & Allan in the shed, Dave & Brian around the steaming bay.
Dave Osbourne made a start on assessing the high level coaches for refurbishing. Peter continued refurbishing bench's. Brian and Chris finished the grinder stand off in the workshop.

Platform 2 now cast

Track bed for the rockery cast

Next day shuttering off

Just the rockery to build up now

Allan & Mark having a tidy up or getting ready for a Car boot sale!

Looks like Dave acquired all the wood they chucked out



Sunday 6th

Another sunny Sunday morning. Dave M was having a steam up, as was Dave O on the SM32. Dave E was busy on woodworking for the SM32. Rod was grass cutting. Peter was painting the shed door. My first task was to get a ladder and do some welding after I climbed up it. I then helped Brian with the drilling machine in between helping Stuart and John find out why some light do not come on. They still do not!  After Allan arrived with Rods help they too set about making shuttering to cast some concrete. 

Dave M on shed about to steam up to test his regulator is now working correctly

Dave O steaming his Sm32 locomotive.

Dave sorting out the wood to cast the other platform on the other side. Rod busy grass cutting

Peter with a paint brush undercoating

Three hand make light work of cutting the shelf for the drilling machine to fit in it new home.

Brian drilling the floor to hold the base in place.

The shuttering nearly in place to cast the other platform

Allan with Rods help making more shuttering to cast some concrete around the bricks you can just see.



Tuesday 1st

Not many people about today must be holiday season.
Peter & John continue refurbishing benches. Brian, Dave & Jack moved the bench in the workshop to its new position under the compressor. Chris & Brian also busy in the workshop modifying the pillar drill stand. Mark & Allan cast the first platform on the sm32.

Jack under the bench

Allan cleaning the mixer getting an expert on firing cement slurry at anyone passing

The first platform cast in the sleeper area of the sm32

Test train on the freshly laid track

Nice piece of track laying & ballasting