What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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27th Tuesday      

Tuesday 27th

A misty start today the lads were still rounding up the leaves when I arrived, a lot more to come down yet too.
Allan & Mark were busy completing track laying. In the workshop work
progressed on the L & B axles & frames.

Casting the pad for a loading dock next to the siding.

Mike disappearing with one of the L&B pony trucks to do a mod on

Allan sorting screws out for the last few pieces of track.

Track laying complete on this side.

Allan doing a test run over the last section, we'll be ballasting again Sunday!


Sunday 25th

A true autumn morning not cold out wonderful colour's in the tress around the site and driving to BG. Not many members on-site Allan & Bill  were fitting air blowing hand dryers in the two loo's.  The lads on the SM 32 were busy tamping ballast on the sleeper raised area. Dave was busy with a small pant brush on the new small brick walls. John C, Len & Peter R were busy sorting steel to repair the foot bridge. They kept coming to me! I think, I see a welding job coming up here.  Dave M was still busy turning L&B axles I was asked to weld the back drag beam fixing steel in place and weld the frame up, then ran out of CO2 before I could finish

Is the a queue lads !

Head down bums up hard at it lads

Dave painting I think PVA glue on the bricks so he can paint them.

Dib Dib Dib must have been in the boy Scots

The frame is bolted in a lap joint but to be sure get Steve to make sure

 I also welded behind the five bolts on the buffer beam on both side frames.


Tuesday 20th

Another load of wood arrived for the bonfire, the hort team where chasing leaves around the site, Mark & Dave completed track laying in the sleeper area.
One axle for the L&B was almost completed by Dave & Mike, elsewhere the chassis had the bolts fitted to the horn guides.

Steve giving a lesson on the do's & don't of leaf blowing

'3 men a dustbin & a hose pipe'

The siding point in place.

All 3 tracks now connected just the ballasting to do

Rodney & Roger sorting out another delivery.

Could be a problem with the track gauge!

First test train into the new station

The track to the left will be to a goods loading stage

The new station waiting for more ballast trains to arrive.


Sunday 18th

A dull Sunday morning autumn is with us, strange but not cold outside. Not many lads about John Cope was fitting a new door closer to the main building door to stop it banging behind you. Dave & Mark were busy on the SM 32 track making good progress. I found Chris and Brian drilling hole in the L&B axle boxes, Dave was on the big lathe turning the first axles slow progress. I was on the small lathe facing off an axle to correct the length. Peter Mc was sweeping the ceiling cob webs I was told in the way? Of his cables. We had some visitors so Chris gave them a ride, so Brian and Brian finished of the drilling                      Thanks Mark for the last 4

Dave busy fitting the bricks in the holes left last week.

Chris drilling holes The frames is drilled the steel block under it is not .

Dave turning one of the axles.

Dave busy with the paint brush

Mark about to spread the ballast which Dave is getting Only two to day No Allan or Rod

The bridge leading up to the new bit of track

Platform 2 now joined up, no good laughing Dave still 2 more to finish

Making sure the first point cannot move around.

P.way view off the bridge                 Not a "Y" point any more than lads!

Finish for the day with the 3 curves in place


Tuesday 13th

The usual Tuesday brigade were busy in action today keeping the place looking tidy, activity down the workshop focused on the L & B chassis.
Meanwhile Allan had trimmed a bush for a path to go by the rockery, before helping Mark & Dave fix a cast stone wall on the rockery for the track bed to run between.                            Thanks Mark

A good display of Fly Agaric fungi coming up around the site

The bridge in place ready for the wall to be built to retain the ballast

Dave finishing off one side of the new stone wall

Cast sections of the wall waiting to be fitted for the other side.

Separate stones fill the holes which will be fitted next job

Almost ready for track laying capping stones will finish the top off

One of the L&B axles in the lathe

Paul with his universal tape measure.

Allan making a few more sparks for the L&B chassis


Sunday 11th

The sun was out shining like a summer day, must still be September! Dan was busy walking in straight lines mower in the middle by the SM32 track. Dan was digging on the grass back. Allan & Rod were busy on the new rockery as they had acquired more rocks to plant. Mark with Dan's help repaired a brake electrical fitting on one of the carriages. Dave M got his loco ready to steam up for the last birthday party of the year. Steve W got the blower and moved leaves of the track. Mark after dinner took some photos of the new SM 32 section been run on with Allan NG15

Dan ready to check last line of grass cutting going back where he came from!

Dave doing double digging for next years spuds.

The rockery wall is all done. The lads are adding more rock around the it see later.

The sign Rodney told me about last week.

Mark with Dan's help repairing a brake electrical fitting.

Dave getting his 1500 class locomotive ready for the party after dinner.

The new rocks been laid by the proud owners of the new rockery.

Steve W blowing leaves from place A to place B   They be back!!!

Anyone for tennis lads the nets been put up again.

Allan coupling up his NG15

Dan & Dave disposing of one of the locos after a run

Allan & the NG15 on a test run looking the part on the new arches

Crossing the water fall

First steam loco to try the new junction in the sleeper area


Sunday 4th

With the sun shining so bright it feels like an early September morning today. I arrived on-site to find the marquee half down after yesterdays private Golden Wedding Celebrations party for Cath & Mike Brophy. After the marquee was all put away in it home. I found Dave mowing around the SM32 track and then planting bulbs. Allan & Rod were busy mixing stuff for there rockery. The one side is all done and looks the part. Rodney was filling the dust bins with water after fixing up a new poster which I need to take a photo for you to see it. I found Dave M setting the big lathe up to turn some axles after which we found a tooling problem where the tools did not fit the holder, so myself and Chris was tasked with milling some hard steel off the tools to make them fit. We then found the clutch still not working correctly and the lathe not turning true between centres. Brian & Brian were still moving stuff around to there, correct new homes. On walking back up to the club house I found John C had his engine in steam.

Dave busy covering the bulbs up. Made a good job of hiding the cable as well.

Allan at rest Dave working hard Who is using the trusty bucket today?

The inside finished rockery with new grass seen put down.

Rod & Allan deep in thought getting ready to stir it up.

Dave busy grass cutting again.

I managed to sneak up on them well unnoticed

John having a run around on the raised track later on the ground level

Rodney checking the dust bins are full of water.