What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

1st 8th 15th


22nd 29th  



Sunday 29th

A dull and wet Sunday morning, but I did see a deer in a farmer's field driving to L H this morning. Lots of chatting about our next event, Santa over one weekend 12 th 13 th Dec. I found Mike milling the keyways in the first axle so I gave him some help as I did Dave, as Dave need to move the Boxford to fix it with Bills help as well. Rod had been busy putting some fence up at the top of the new steps. Rod had also been cleaning weeds out the pond. I found Chris running his steam engine on the raised track and two engines on the SM32 track

Dave moving the lathe out from the wall to check the belts.

First keyway been milled in the L & B axle

Two engines double heading on the SM32

Chris B with his Conway on the raised track.

Rods fencing looking the part That stop them putting dirty feet marks on his steps!

Looking good lads I must say that.

Two piles of weeds out the pond more to come I think Rod said.

 Plus the little fence by the hut is been moved a bit to make room to walk


Sunday 22nd

A very mild November Sunday morning, after the light frost and snow we have seen. Rod told me the steps were in place finished. Just another dark coat of brown stuff to go on. I found Brian & Dave under the lift. We had a problem bonfire afternoon, something had moved stopping the lift come back up, if it went to the floor. After some checking we found out the lift had moved. So it was moved back. Brian was turning a steel plug gauge for the L&B. Chris G cut some steel plate and I welded it in place on the L&B Rod was getting leave's out the pond and Rodney was checking the fencing around the site.

Rod after having his name taken and put on the board.

The steps all in place ready for final coat.

Dave and Brian under the lift. First job remove all the leave's.

Wood and screw jack in place to move the left side 3/16 (5mm) away from the wall. The otherside was done the same

The table jammed on the steel rusty bit by the red  paint in the corner.

Brian on the Boxford lathe turning a plug gauge.

Never stand still as there's a camera man about

Steps all done. Just need some dirty boots on them.


Sunday 15th

The morning, after the day before! Our annual Bonfire Night event. Which was well attended yet again. Not many lads on-site this morning !! Rodney cleaning the fire remains up and starting a new smaller one. Allan, Dave & Rod where busy on a woody job. Adrian making some steel stakes to hold down the matting in the car park grass area. I gave Brian a hand take down the green fencing and move stuff back to it home. John Cope made sure the car park field we used was all OK and removed some matting which was used in the gate way, and the set about washing the mud of them before storing them.

Thanks to Paul for the L&B photos taken last week. Mark my usual supplier cannot make Tuesdays for the time been.

What is left of the fire the lads built. Some say it was not as big this year.

Allan & Rod playing with there wooden building blocks.

Adrian making some steel hooks to hold down the matting in the grass area

The look says it all. It's him again.

The new wooden steps going up or down depends where you start your journey.

Huston we have a problem. Table busted / rotten 

Tuesday last week late addiction

Dave busy Mike thinking

Axle box been machined on the working face

Good close up Paul.


Sunday 8th

Autumn is here seeing all the leaves on the ground today and still very mild outside as well. A hive of activity getting ready for our annual bonfire night next Saturday. Rodney and Len putting up green fencing John Cope collecting leaves up. The lads on the SM 32 were busy painting wood. Mark with Bills help check some flood light that did not come on. We found out if there is no bulb to start with, it still dose not come on as well. Mark and Brian put up some chain fencing on the foot bridge. Dave finished the last axle on the lathe. Brian and Chris were fitting bit to the L&B frames. The axle boxes looked like they had been final sized to fit the horns last Tuesday.

Big pile of wood that's needs moving from place A to B next week.

The paint gang hard at it

Yep bulb in it but not working.

Another fine mess you got me in to Mark!

You hold it, we will play it! Working on the chain gang comes to mind!

Rod of to check all is clear on the other side of the bush with his pole and mirror

The rockery all planted and looking the part

John and Brian fitting the side to the truck get more leaves in now.


Sunday 1st

I dove to BG in fog / mist but is soon passed by when the sun came out and warmed us up. I found Ron with his Jessie  having a steam up helped by Bob. On the SM 32 there was a full working party doing the final connection of track. Rod was busy doing the fencing around the SM32 area Mark B was having a boiler test. JC was going to have a run around with his loco. Dave M was still busy on the L&B axles I finished the welding off from last week, as we now had a new bottle of CO2. Brian & Brian with Chris were busy bolting bits on the to L&B chassis Peter and Len was sorting steel for the foot bridge repairs.

A successful test running all round the circuit to try different types of loco commissioning not far away on the SM32

See SM 32 section for more photos

Ron with his 7 1/4 inch Jessie

Rod back of his hols fencing post banging in.

The train not standing at platform 3 is late or due in next time.

Ron on his first trip out this morning.

Dave having a go at brick laying Don't tell Ron !

Dave still turning axles just doing the undercut

The weld from last week still holding up to the job!

Today's bit added to fill in the gaps left last week This is in side the back buffer beam.

Beware of the train !

Mark emptying the boiler the hard way but fast way after a hydraulic test PASSED

JC or John about to have a run around

Feeding time at  BG posh area

The last bit of track going in

Last screws going in

Any refund on the half tin of screws left over lads

Rod feeding the fish

A nice smoke drifting out over the waterfall

A manual operated loco trundling around

Dave moonlighting on Mark's loco

The NG15 on a half decent train

Heading back to the original loop