What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

3rd Sunday 5th Tuesday 12th Tuesday


17th Sunday 24th Sunday 31st Sunday

Sunday 31st

A wet start to the day, but it did clear up. Dave and Mark were getting the moulds ready for a cast today. Rodney was hanging more of his master pieces. I was tasked with helping Brian & Brian hang a steel I beam in the middle bay area. The lads on Tuesday had lifted it well high up. We need to get in the correct place and drill some hole in the I beam up there. Mark & Dave set about putting felt on the top of the sleepers Rod was, grass cutting and helping were needed. Peter R is repairing a bench seat he is still removing all the planks of wood. Steve W had his new toy in steam having a steam test. Mike sitting behind the engine had a shoulder operation last week We did check it was the right shoulder.

Dave checking the moulds are all OK before a mix is made to fill them.

Mark and Dave with Brian's trusty bucket. I had wondered who had it.

Rodney on sign hanging duty (before any on pinches them they painted by Rodney)

Brian after some lean back bacon.

No bacon for me too busy with the other end of the job.

Peter busy paint removing on a bench seat.

Rod asking what rota he is on.

Dave and Mark busy fixing felt to the sleepers.

Steve with his new toy sitting on his engine Mike resting after a new shoulder op


Sunday 24th

A dull damp mornings driving to the club, This soon past by and turned out warm. There was a lot of grass cutting today in the middle area by the lads. Rodney was hanging some old style signs. Brian and Ron were busy on a tidy up morning in the work area. Chris and myself were tasked to top secrete welding jobs due to the un welcome visitors who have been popping in without us there. Allan and Ian were also on casting another arch. Sorry only two photos far to busy today.

Rod and Ian deep in thoughts after the grass cutting.

Allan & Ian busy on another arch casting, pre painted as well.


Sunday 17th

An over cast start to the day, but not cold. There was  lots of activity around the site this morning. Rodney was fitting  two new signs by the level crossing. The lads were busy casting more arches and a column. Dave was busy on the loco lift. Rod was, grass cutting again. Peter R with John C were fitting decking by the carriage lift. Brian & Len were moving a drilling machine that we had been given Later they started a lawn mower repairs. I was busy on a welding job. After dinner we had a birthday party booked so all the rolling stock was got ready for the 2 PM start.

Rodney, grandson, & Steve W checking if a train is due.

The apprentices hard at it! well two of them.

Rod sorting a power cut to the mower!


Peter R busy fitting new decking by the lift table Later helped by John C

Brian and Len moving a drilling machine Steve exiting left as it looks heavy.

The lads getting the SM 32  ready for the Birthday party 

The SM 32 bridge with railing fitted.


Tuesday 12th

A lovely sunny May day with plenty of activity,  The new girder beam arrived for the centre bay in the workshop, also the L&B chassis arrived back from Andy's now all in align and ready for the horn blocks & guides to be milled to fit. More casting on the sm32 a planting session will be on the cards soon. Dave finished off painting the viaduct arches whilst Rod was fitting the turf around them. Meanwhile work continued fitting the new ram to the loco lift. John & Peter made repairs to the wooden walk boards near the carriage shed.

Steve & Rodney trying to stop the coal bunker from rocking.

Rod having lunch for one! he was waiting to see if anyone had spotted that.

John telling Peter it's down there somewhere.

Rod doing his jigsaw puzzle with the turf.  There one bit missing Rod.

Dave & Allan working on the loco lift

Allan hoping if he waters it, the bridge might grow and save some casting!


Tuesday 5th

A real blustery day today shower a plenty, Peter Mc jet washed the steaming bay & platforms and still at it later in the afternoon, the lads were moving more stuff around in the workshop. Bill is having a battle with ants in his signals and sensors. The new bridge arrived for the sm32. The loco lift was
receiving more attention.

Peter cleaning the steaming bay

Dave cutting a recess in the end sleeper for the bridge

Dave mortaring the foundation for the bridge

The new bridge in position

Mark Bradleys Sweet Pea down for a steam test

Len trying to stop the ants getting up into the signals

Many people around the loco lifter

The culprit itself waiting for the ram to be fitted

Rodney has made a new cover for the ticket office window



A chilly wet start to the day,  but the sun soon came out and warmed everybody up. Chris G had the Hymek out giving rides. Ian was with two new members Dan & Dave mixing concrete for another pillar. Ron got to work on the miller milling some of the box section he cut up last week cutting. Brain & Brian were removing electrical cables from the lathe as the lathe is going to move along the wall and having DRO fitted to it. I finally finished all the welding on the shed doors and then helped Ron and Brian. Mark B with Mike B helped by Brian were looking at the lawn mower as it had stopped working

Many Thanks to Mark for his photos

Ian Dan & Dave Thinking another two minuets it will be churned enough.

Peter unloading a coal delivery.

The "D I D" team in posing mode casting a pillar.

What are we looking at lads? Go on give us a clue!  Is it a tray of tea & coffee?


Whoops Say no more! that was the staring gear.

"Right hand down a bit Dan" moving rubble to fill in the sleeper area

Dan's got a big one there to throw in

Ian checking it landed in the right position

The first layer of rubble in the hole, more to follow

Mark, Dave & Mark trying to put the shay back on the rails

Dave's shay making its way onto the bridge

Dan's Lady Anne having a trip along the new piece of track

Posing on the viaduct