This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Sunday 29th

The rain was with us again today, with heavy showers at times. Allan Mark Rod were once again busy on the SM 32, removing pillars from a moulds and painting them in the dry. They also checked their levels around the new section.  Chris G was found busy drilling a steam chest for the L&B. Dave M along with Brian & myself were screwing wood in the shed roof for the ply sheets to up screwed to

Allan showing the mould who is boss.

The new fence is coming on well.

Allan and Mark keeping out the rain painting some pillars' two brushes one pot of paint.

Chris busy drill hole n the new steam chest for the L&B

Handy hock. The engines are dropping off the step by Allan not bumping up it.

Tickets must be to pricey no on lookers


Sunday 22nd

Is this the start of summer, Sun shining very nicely for late March.  I found Len was having a boiler test as was Dave M. John & Stuart were busy on electric plugs. Brian was having a tidy up and was moving things about. Chris was busying on the miller. Peter R was fixing the old belt linisher, it will be very use full when working. Allan, Ian, Mark & Rod were again very busy on the SM 32, I was asked to do weld up three brackets for them.

Len Speedy boiler having a hydraulic test 160 PSI 20 mins is stud like that for I was told.

Dave M with Neal H getting steam up for a steam test on Dave's locomotive.

Steam test well under way.

John a long with Stuart fitted a double plug socket in the tunnel for Santa lights!!!

Fencing going well No one working on it today.

Hit it Len! I take over later! The new home for the outside vice. It rocked on the slab. Green bin moved abode.

Chris G busy roughing the L&B axle boxes on the miller.

The other side the sleepers. The white is the route.


The track route, bit up and down plus a big step at the other end lands!

"YOUR" club needs you.

Got any free sparks mister? Welding a corner bracket up for the sleeping gang.

Allan bending one of the three brackets outside in the newly  moved vice.

Rod and Mark busy levelling one of the sleepers 

From Mark sent later in the day.

Ian having a rest after his 'bright idea'. Allan in the background doing something on a bucket

Ian getting a sweat on

The raised level track comes in handy at times. Tickets will be available for spectators at the next working party.


Tuesday 17th

Plenty of people on-site today. Andy Walton arrived to pick up the L&B frames for a bit of machining, he also had his lovely new C-19 loco on the trailer which he gave a run (lovely to drive). More activity down the work shop with Paul & Chris on the L&B axle boxes. Dave had his loco down for a steam test but had a problem with a non return valve. Allan & Mark Carried on the concrete production line then marked out the ground to get an idea of where the track is going in the field.

Ian showing of his handy work of Mark and himself ! No chain gang here just a bo saw

Yet another arch & pillar in production

Dave & Neil getting ready for a boiler test

Andy on his new loco

A happy man now with a cup of tea

Steve having a go and disappearing a cloud of steam

Driver view (yes the whistle is that big the brass thing)

The L&B frames ready to be loaded into the other trailer

The new raised bed for the sm32,we are forming a box then the inside will be filled & the white lines are where the passing loop will go.

Hope gaps are to wide so I cannot welded them.


Sunday 15th

A little chill in the air today. I  found Brian had made a start on putting the insulation in the roof of the shed So I joined in and we put the wood around the two walls. Paul with Chris G were busy boring one of the L&B axle boxes. Peter Mc used the press with Brian's help to put some key ways in his own  locomotive wheels. Allan, Ian, Mark & Rod were very busy today they were levelling up to plant the wooden sleeps, there will be one sleeper on the top of the other. Rodney was on-site sorting wood for his fencing.

Rodney thinking should they slant the other way!

Brian working Brian watching roof insulating time.

Paul busy boring one of the axle boxes for L&B 5th I recall one to go.

What this a foreigner job! Peter Mc putting a keyway in one his own wheels.

Arrrr what did we said to Rod, you got to limbo dance under the sprit level  to be in our gang.

Wood screwed in place around the two side so far

Could have! still on the post!

The sleepers are going in next They asked me to weld one sleeper on the top of the other? I said,

 I have got some Wonga bamboo cane welding rods full box full


Tuesday 10th

Another lovely Spring day with plenty of activity on site.     Thanks Mark

Rodney & Steve in their new role & not taking 'a fence' to it

The new fence taking shape.

Dave & Brian up on the workshop roof trying to stop the water getting through. But in not raining !

Dave scraping off the paint. The whole roof is going to need repairing as the sealer has lifted in places.

Allan lying down in the sun Warming the other side

Paul at work machining the axle boxes

Mike poking concrete down the gap in the newly installed arches

Allan fed up with sun bathing doing a bit of painting

Today's arches all fixed in position we're heading for that gap between the bushes, in that area we're going to build a loop & station.



Sunday 8th

After a wonderful day yesterday, Today was chilly and little later whistle still on-site the rain came. Bob and Len were getting steam up to have a run around today. Steve W and Dave had the loco on shed to have a boiler test done by Peter Mc.  Rod was taking delivery of a few new plants for the rockery for around the SM32. The lads previously removed a pillar from a mould. I found Brian and Dave chatting about the shed and the very bad leaking roof wall. I was told that there was one very little welding job to do as the rest had been done on Tuesday. I later gave Dave a hand changing the chucks on the lathe so he could turn a plug gauge, so someone can bore the axle box's on the L & B loco. Mark and Mike were busy doing a routine maintenance check on the carriages and brake trucks. Chris was still busy painting line on the Jubilee. 

Len coupling up for a little run on around the raised level tack

Bob finding out the paraffin soaked charcoal to start his fire

The SM 32 waiting for another nice day.

Rod taking delivery of a few new plants do they need watering or a good soaking Rod!

Dave M loco with no smoke box on.  Boiler testing plus checking a leaking supper heater as well.

Steve W having a hydraulic test and later a steam test.

Door locked I'm off home Yes it was raining at the time.

Chris putting Roanoke on the turntable to turn it round for him to paint the panels the other side

Chris having a run backwards to get back to the shed


Friday 6th

Mark Rod & Allan took advantage of the good Spring weather to move the viaduct along, and planted five pillars. Sunday we will fix the arches onto the pillars.

Rod wondering what he's going to do with that soil! Dig a hole and bury it sound good idea.

All the pillars in position ready for concreting in

Rod still not sure about that corner being high perhaps it's the stones in the sand stopping it going down!

he was waiting for you to notice that!

Allan relaxing on the job tamping down


Sunday 1st

First of March no steam up today, the weather is mild but it rained around dinner time. Rod was removing weed from the pond to re fit the water pump in after it's removal for the winter. I found Brian fitted the bolt to the door which is now working as a door. Helping Brian was Dave M and Len both working hard. Chris was working on the miller, Brian was doing several jobs to do with the L&B. Allan, Ian & Rod had there kit of bits out casting another arch. I was busy welding the braces in the second door as well as welding on the padlock bracket. Rodney & Len were discussing  the new fence, I was then asked to help Brian on the roof fix the leak

Rod raking weed out the pond to refit the pump. His pile of weed is like a upside down cake Rod said.

Brian demonstrating the door bolt, unfitted as yet!

Len drilled the door to fit the lower bolt bracket.

Brian making the bolts the correct length.

Brian drilling the floor for the bolt to lock in place when closed.

Yep up a ladder again welding the cross beams in place. Last time need a ladder.

SM32 crew casting a arch Allan just getting it ready with chip oil

Len and Rodney chatting about the fence slats.

Guess what up the ladder again heating tar to seal the leaking wall on the shed.