This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Sunday 28th

Today with the sun shining Len and bob had a steam up and a run around by themselves. Rod was planting small fence posts around the new arches. Allan was busy doing a mix for another arch and sides. Ian was on hard labour. Stuart and John had been re wiring some sockets because the wall had been removed. Bill helped Brian bend some plastic for a lathe cover that was broken. Myself I got the welder out and did more security welding up. I then helped Brian in the work area find some shelf's  for the big lathe tools to live on  John C was found busy painting a gate on the level crossing.

Bob just getting steam up.

Len doing the same thing.

Rod standing and checking his work.

Allan sorting the bits out  before mixing a mix to cast a arch.

Bill warming the plastic sheet to make a new lather guard for the Boxford.

Ian working for the chain gang making a new flower bed rockery.

The viaduct after Rod filling with stones around the bases.

Fencing looking the part along with the viaduct

Allan scraping the trusty bucket. Not quite enough mixed.

John with the only sitting down job.


Monday Tuesday 22nd 23rd

Monday & Tuesday this week the lads completed the first stage of the arches
round into the field

All cemented & fixed into place

Just waiting for the paint job

Dave arrived Tuesday and cracked straight on with the paint job

Should be a good sight with a train on it

The completed arches. (well only about another 18 to go!)


Sunday 21st

A warm summer day today. Rod and David were very busy grass cutting in the middle area. Peter R was near the end of his refurbishing of the bench Dave had unloaded his engine ready for steaming up for the birthday party that was booked in for the afternoon. Chris was busy on the miller machining brake block for the L&B. Stuart was re wiring the lights in the work area, while Brain and myself cut and fixed in place an up right steel channel. This and the other door one were then welded to the new beam, This job is now complete. The SM 32 team made a mix and fitted some capping plates to the arches

Len's engine just after been unloaded.

Dave getting his engine ready for the afternoons birthday party.

Rod after his PT exercise. & can still cut the grass.

Peter working well on refurbishing one of the club benches

Chris milling one of the L&B brake blocks

 The lads deciding what colour paint they would like to be dabbed with.

Mark busy pointing a capping plate. Brian's trusty bucket still in use we can see.


Friday 19th

After weeks building the arch stock up the team arrived today for what's now known as a mass planting day.
By the end of the day the viaduct has now grown well into the field.
Thanks Mark

Is that number 4 arch or 5?

Allan with his dibbing stick, Dave checking he's doing it right, Rod checking the fish

Rod digging out the turf supervised by Allan

Dave still trying to work out what's going on!

The viaduct roughly laid out ready for the pillars to be concreted in place

Dave & Allan giving Rod advice on how to handle a sloppy mix

Rod & Dave putting the finishing touches to Allan's sloppy mix!


Tuesday 16th

I didn't arrive till after dinner so only a few photos. Work is now complete on the loco lift by Allan, Dave & Colin assisted by Mike. Down the workshop the final part of the wall was taken down. On the pond the illusive moor hen has had some chicks & two were out.   Thanks Mark

Yes it's real one of the chicks in the pond

The wall now with the beam in place and the rest of the blocks out

The remains of the wall being broke up

Mike & Allan doing hard labour


Sunday 14th

Yesterday we had our annual AGM due to the weather there was no steam up or a BBQ after the meeting Or even a photo to show we where there. Sunday what a change, sunny & warm. I found Dave Ian & Rod busy cutting the Loral hedge by the SM 32  been watch by the birds. Dave M had the trusty oilier sleeper gismo out oiling the wooden sleepers we still  use in the track. Working on the wall today were Brian & Brian Len Ron, and myself.

Brian & Brian. Brian has the water spray.

I don't think you have hit the light this time Brian.

Dave Ian and Rod working away on the Loral hedge Dave and Rod are out of range !

Come back Sterling all is forgiven! 

Two of we think 5 baby moor hens out for a walk.

Two more in the pond

They are in the pond  somewhere with mother and father 7 total we think.

Mind the gap!

Dave busy turning the tap ON & OFF


Tuesday 9th

 A bit cooler start to the day but there was plenty of work to get you warm as you can see. Before lunch Andy & Mathew arrived to test two locos that Andy had done work on

A start has been made on replacing the base of Pond Junction signal box by Ron, Rodney Steve & Len

Leek & Manifold before the test run

A game for all erect the frame for the marquee

Allan painting more arches & Pillars

The second engine Andy wanted to test a Thomas II

Peter working away on the benches

Both locos smoking nicely during lunch time.

Mathew taking Thomas II for a run

Bill cutting steel for a job on the shed with his health & safety watering can attached so you can see the end

The two Brian's making a start on widening the inside workshop door

This is where the waste & bricks were going, Allan smacking them with a lump hammer to make them fit


Sunday 7th

The summer is with us today for the Erewash society visit and steam up. It was busy in the station area with Chris giving rides and lesson on the Hymek Three visiting engine I recall but I may be wrong. Graham had, is LMS "6220 Coronation" on the raised level track. The SM 32 was in action as well. Working on-site today was Rodney and Len on fence posts making. Early on a mix was made for an arch by Mark and his team. Brain & Brian and myself were tasked with finish bolting the, I beam up in the roof. Thanks Mark for the few photos sent in

One of the visiting engines getting steam up.

Chris with a learner.

Activity around the station

Another visitor and Chris on route up the bank.

Mark's SM32 loco running around.

Test run down the new extension

Double headed Australian NA Class locos

A busy gathering

Graham with his LMS 4-6-2 "6220 Coronation"

The gardening team hard at it early this morning.

Rod making sure he can finish in the allocated time as no one will dive under the tarpaulin sheet (NETTING)

The gardening team have been busy bush cutting

That wasn't supposed to happen. Should come earlier we was nearly playing Wallace Gromit drilling the hole!

Brian busy with the spanners on the I beam.

This is for upside down holes




Tuesday 2nd

Well they say 'flaming June' Flaming windy I'd say more like Autumn. But it brightened up later still with the wind.
Plenty going on with the usual members on site.

Dave jet washing the loco lift, later he & Paul started fixing the panels back on it

Peter sanding the new wood down for the bench he's repairing

Brian & Brian with assistance of Len raising the beam to fix it in position now the holes have been drilled

Rodney & Peter discussing the under repair bench

Mark & Bill rewiring the lathe

Mark finished the felting on the SM32, this is to stop us putting our hands in the creosote that's oozing out.