This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Sunday 26th

Raining today not sure why we got it, but we have. I found Chris and John Cope in the steaming bay area. John was having a steam test, Chris was going to have a run around.  Dave M & Brian were busy painting the floor which made it tight to do any things as they had emptied the area to paint. The other Brian was sorting out taps and dies draws among other jobs. I went to weld the next job up but due to the weather I could only do a small bit of welding inside. Allan D told me he had been mixing concrete for yet another arch. Rod and Ian had been working on laying  block paving bricks down the side of the SM32 steaming area.

John C getting his engine ready.

AS is Chris.

Dave and Brian busy painting the floor

Pauls handy work, the outside fly cranks for the L&B loco

Allan mixing to the right 1 2 3 Rod to the left filling the mould 1 2 3 


Tuesday 22nd & Evening BBQ

A splendid day prior to the evening BBQ, Mike was jet washing the bridge which is getting a makeover, Peter started on another bench, Rodney & the team putting the new mower through its paces. Also plenty happening in the workshop.

The evening BBQ was well attended with some great food and lovely desert, a good night was had by all and it stayed dry!

 Mark & Allan trying out the track layout for the sleeper area

The other end from the field there will be 3 lines running through and a siding

Peter sanding another plank of wood

Brian deep in thought (he didn't move for 10mins)

Mike somewhere behind the bridge offering free showers

Jack & Allan having a run with Dorca

Brian not doing a formula 1 pit stop on the new tractor

Both Marks having a go at removing a stubborn wheel and offering table service when wearing the sheet

All too much for us so we let the young ones finish the job off

BBQ Evening

Tea is served

No trains running whilst the food was about

Steve brought his traction engine to the food!

Dean and Allan doing the cooking assisted by Hazel

Betty, Kath & Sharon working hard in the kitchen

Jack running a buffet service

Chris still eating his burger

Charlotte having her first lesson on traction engine driving


Sunday 19th

After an early shower the sun came out nice and warm for us to work. John Copestick was having a boiler test on the raised level track. Rod with David were busy grass cutting around the SM32. Allan was busy casting and then d painting dry arch parts. I was asked to take my plasma cutter to cut some sheet and tube. Brian & Len sealed the dusty floor. Paul did some turning on the big lathe. Brian was sorting out untidy tap and die draws as well as checking sizes for myself to cut up. Chris cleaned up the sheets after I cut them with angle grinder.

Thanks Mark for few lads playing in the sun

John with Dave doing a boiler test for John.

Rod asking me if I had a letter.

David busy hedge cutting

Allan checking it's is the correct trusty bucket.

Nice photo Chris.

Len dust proofing the floor.

A close up of Chris with his first go at plasma cutting. Slow and steady, Sparks down hill not up.

Ian & David collecting camouflage material

Allan will paint any colour as long as it black on concrete 


A young lad having a drive around the high level.

Camouflage must be a optional extra. Note to self I need a white towel placing early on the bench.

A visitor having a play

Pete relaxing in the sun behind his B1

Chris on Pete's loco

Mark getting to grips with the club Britannia


Tuesday 7th

A pleasant day unless you got caught in one of the cloud bursts during the day.
Preparations were being made around the site for the Garden Party this coming Sunday.

Mike looking for the instructions to erect the marquee

Mike & John erecting the fencing

Dave was had gone off and left his contraption used to oil the sleepers.

Allan casting another arch in a down pore under the protection of the steaming bay.

Paul sitting down on the job turning fly cranks for the L&B

4 of his finished work

Chris milling corner pieces for the buffer beam.

The finished widened opening between the two bays making a lot more room to turn the hydraulic lifter


Sunday 5th

A very sunny Sunday  for the Wolverhampton and Maxi Track visitors Please have a look at their page for the visit. A few members did some work mainly on the SM 32 track. Brian was fitting a digital scale to the Boxford lathe. Chris G was milling some parts to the L&B loco.

Hit it Dan. Looks like he is now qualified to join Ian on the chain gang.

Dave with his gardening hat on after finishing the his first Steaming Ahead magazine

Are we looking for tennis balls Rod