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Happy New Year To You All.

Sunday 25th

Are we still in January ! It is so mild with the sun shining and a little breeze. Their were other lads  busy working on the  L&B today Up stairs or ladder where Brain, & Brian myself joined by young Chris putting the final edge on the roof. Allan & Bill joined us on the roof for a chat. Rod Allan & Ian were found busy moving the soil from the mole hills a round the site.

Brian busy sealing the shed roof to the wall.

Job done looking good as well lads We can all come down of the roof including the ones who came up just to chat!!

Arrr my mates Allan Rod & Ian posing just for you, as I had only taken two photos other wise

 Removing the mole hill soil, good stuff as well not a stone in it


Tuesday 20th

A bright cold morning with plenty of activity on site. The hort team where continuing the cutting along the fence. Allan & Mark continued increasing the pillar stock pile.
Brian & Brian finishing the new shed. Inside the workshop there was plenty going on the fly cranks for the L&B were being surface ground by John, Chris or Pete taking it in turns.
Paul was busy on the miller with the cylinders, whilst Allan started welding

Brian up the ladder wondering how his gloves got there.

Rodney repairing bird boxes.

Allan happy again now the mixer is back working.

Brian painting the floor.

Allan thinking how many more of these are we making!!!!


Sunday 18th

A chilly Sunday morning to start with, but it got better as the time went by. Bob was seen with his trust bag of Mr Mole catching equipment. I found Brian & Brian along with John C getting ready to cut a roof sheet. I joined in fixing the roof sheets on and cutting more to fit. Yes I was sent up the ladder again and made to get on the slippery  tin roof. Allan Rod & Ian were found chatting by the SM 32 about the next part of the job. I left them discussing if a permit was needed to do the work in question.! Other were on-site but un know as to want they were doing.

The roof as I arrived on-site.

Sheet panel cutter required please.

Arrrr we make a pen line first do we.

Looking on the new shed roof. Just need to be screwed down. Steve get on it lad!

Brian not a speed drilling up hill looking down hill.

Bag of sparks Mr

Brian deep in thoughts, Will I get the sack today.


Tuesday 13th

Herewith four photo’s getting rid of the mountain of cuttings that had built up and almost as much again from last and this week’s work whilst it burnt.

The team has now got as far as the turning circle and will continue along to the front gate from next week, weather permitting.   Thanks Eric for the photos.






Sunday 11th

A chilly Sunday morning just like January. I found Bob trying to catch the Mr Mole again, he's good not Bob he keeps missing him.  Chris Brian & Brian were busy fitting the green sheet to the shed front. Mark, Rod, & Dave moved the cast pillar out the work shop to an area outside, and covered them all up. Later Mark Ian Allan were busy fitting more SM 32 track. Thanks to Mark for the SM 32 update

Bob busy feeding Mr Mole!

Chris and Brian busy on the front of the shed.

Dave moving yet another SM 32 pillar.

 Peaky boo Brian

Mark busy fitting a point to connect up to the bridge, helped by Allan & Ian. (Rod was sent home)

The front of the shed all covered. Just need a welder to weld up another door after the roof!!!!

Allan & Ian ballast today work. Rod we can see you!!

More stone going in ready to be tamped down. Rod it did not take us long to spot you.

Allan's NG15 is today's clearance test loco

 The newly laid Bridge Junction



Sunday 4th

A frosty start to the morning, I was late on-site due to been  under the weather and I found Len chatting to Peter Mc in the kitchen with his Boxhill frames. Another loco Len's is building. Down the work shop area I found Ian drilling SM 32 track for the screws fixings. Brian asked me if I was going to make a start on the girder welding, No was the answer after a coughing. I helped the two Brian's and Chris fixing a corner on the shed outside drilling and pop riveting. I walked over to the SM 32 track to find Allan, Mark & Rod very busy laying track. Other lads were on-site chatting and wandering about.  Thanks to Mark for the SM 32 photos

Lens with his 5 inch gauge Boxhill 

Allan helping Mark laying some SM 32 track

Rod supervising the job.  Please noted I was keeping away from Rods feet.

Ian drilling some SM 32 Second time in the correct place!!

Bang went the pop rivets gun. All down the corner of the new shed.

A cold frosty view over the bridge.

Allan pointing out where we are going! around the bend!!!!

Ian waiting to start ballast laying.

Ian in full motion with his dibbing stick

Trial run across the new track

A nice side shot of Mark's Australian NA class Loco

Rod and Ian watching the clearance test

It'll look nice with a train on. "watch my feet Ian"

The track awaiting Ian's attention when we get some more ballast

Chris using brute force to solve the afternoons entertainment

Brian trying to part them again. (they are still together & he didn't want to take them home to finish)


1st Thursday

New Years day steam up, and yes there, where two engines out Peter Mc and Chris I am not sure if Chris is now the new owner of the Conway. On-site in the chilly wind were a fair few brave lads checking if much was going on.

Chris having a ride around the high level track with his newly acquired  Conway locomotive.

Peter Mc with his B1

The lads have been busy on the shed.

Mr Mole I bet he build a platform soon!