This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

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Tuesday 24th

Brian, Bill and Mike broaching the keyways in the wheels of the L&B loco. Surprising  how quickly they were done, less than 5 minutes per wheel!  Steve and Rondey were  rebuilding the fence at the bottom of the field.  They were well togged up and I didn't get close enough or hang around to find out as it was starting to rain quite heavy.

Many Thanks to Peter Mc for today's WHY photos

Brian and Bill hard at it

Steve and Rodney making a new fence. Doing well by the look at it lads


Sunday 22nd

A little chilly and frosty early on this morning, later the rain came. I told the lads the bad news, that I had forgotten my camera. yippy.   Then the good news that I had my phone, this went down not to well! I found Ian was very busy removing grass sods to make a garden. Rod was as busy moving the bricks to do his path down the side of the pond on the top secret job. Working on the shed was Brian & Dave sorting out the last door! They had it ready to be welded up as far as we can. Green sheeting, I think is next to do. Chris was milling the cast iron blocks to make the steam chests for the L&B. The other Chris was painting the lines on the Jubilee. 

Ian hard at it digging out for a flower bed.

Rod hard working off last nights double fish & chip supper.

Words fail me, you work out what we are doing, need help!

Chris working on the miller a steam chest for the L&B


Tuesday 17th

A lovely Spring day once the frost had gone. The gardening team where tidying up the site. Meanwhile we had a couple of deliveries (more steel & gravel for the on going projects). The workshop was a busy area at one point
I think everyone on site was down there doing something.

Allan & Bill fitting the batteries to the new loco.

Bill off for a spin on one of three battery locomotives kindly donated to the club from John Hadley

A happy Chairman checking out his signalling alterations.

Brian & Dave deep in thought at the back of the shed.

Chris & Paul on the miller working on the L&B slide valve boxes


Sunday 15th

A dull Sunday morning, but not as cold as it has been. I found working on the front of the shed  Brian & Dave sorting a twist in the top cross bar of the door frame. The new bit, they added with bolts made it twist more, they told me we think it needs welding in ! Mark was busy doing some electrical on a brake truck. Brian had won the sweep and was found using the broom around the work area floor, as well as having a good tidy up. Mark and Rod mix some mortar to plant some new arches on the viaduct. Allan checks a pillar before joining them. Chris was busy lining out Jubilee club loco cab and tender sides.

Trouble at the shed. Twist removed with a up right added.

Mark busy working on a brake truck.

Rod checking if this is dry sand!

Rod starting to mix the mortar before using the mixer to the left as it was not quick drying.

Allan checking Tuesday's pillar which may have a problem.

The front all back in place. left door cross brace all welded in place. Just need the 3rd door! or next door I am not sure.

Mark with Rod fitting a arch on the viaduct with Mark standing by, Ian & Allan are out of shot.

Mark has his trusty tamping stick out again.

Chris lining out Roanoke & thinking what do I do next?

Caught having a smoke admiring his work

Mark falling a sleep on the job. 


Sunday 8th

A very present sunny Sunday morning to be outside working. Mark was doing an oil change on the Jubilee and Grate Northern locos as well as I think one of the tractors. I found Chris and John Cope on the miller doing some new axle boxes for the L& B. Brian was getting the new castors ready to be welded on  the new lift table. Outside Dave M and Brian were working on the second shed door. It needed welding up. Later we fitted the steel sheet and hinges to the door. Rod was busy on his top secret job. Ian was digging out turf to make way for plants to be planted at sometime in the near future. Bob was about mole catching. Rodney was repairing the bird on-site boxes  Allan and Mark were very busy laying more track on the SM 32

Is this the top secret job we all know about

Mark about to start doing some servicing of the club locos.

Ian pointing the way we need to go.

Brian working on the second door. Don't ask about the first one.

Bang went the pop rivet gun again.

The second door welded up correctly with panel fitted and the hinges welded on.

Allan & Mark laying track on one of the viaducts.

Rod trying to fool us doing something on the rockery.

The now well  know top secret job from the other side.    

Track laying complete towards the bridge.

Chris in action on the lathe turning a sleeve for the lifting table.


Sunday 1st

A chilly Sunday morning bought a few out to work. Mark with Bill had the Hymek out  testing a signal update. Later they were sorting a point motor out. Rod was preparing a path way for bricks to be put down. Allan D removed some cast concrete parts from there moulds.  Allan L was found getting cold on another point motor. Brian and Chris were sealing the wall of the shed. Dave with John C had the angle grinders busy working on one of the shed doors. Myself I cut of two castor brackets which Brian started to machine on the miller.

Dave busy removing the cross bars someone got told to weld in place.

Brian was busy melting tar to seal the shed wall

He is pouring it down the wall to the floor.

Go away Mr Welder

A gizmo of the turn table trolley More later, I had just cut this off.

Rod is hiding from the griller I think.

The team about to looking in to it, a box on the floor.

Rod's back with another trusty bucket I see.

Myself plasma cutting the other the other gismo off.

We have a new trolley and it has two casters on it this end. So we are fitting the spare two off the lift, on to this lift the other end.

Brian milling the cut area nice for some one to weld on. But not until he told to do so!!