This is a photograph page of What  Happened Yesterday at Balleny Green.

6th 20th Boxing Day





Boxing Day Run

With the weather been so mild I did expect to see more activity in the steaming up bay. Mike and myself remarked the days when it was heaving with people here today and New Years morning, how time changes all sorts of things. The SM 32 was in use with steam and battery locomotives. Bob Bates was having a run around on the high level and Mike and Steve W bought the Allchin's to have a run around the field. The Hymek was out to give passenger rides to the few how popped into see what was about

Rodger about to take his family for a trip.

Bob with the raised track to him self.

Mike and Steve getting steam up

Charlotte after her driving lesson number one.  PASS


Sunday 20th

Another very mild December morning. A hive of activity Dave on the big lathe turning a shaft for the L&B loco helped by Chris. Mike was busy de rusting the wheel so they can have a coat of paint. Brian was cutting steel for another part to be water jet cut. Rod was attending his rockery, Dave was cutting grass! Yes that what I thought. Peter Mc and Mark were checking boilers one for Dan and the other for John

Dave and Chris turning a shaft for the L&B

Mike cleaning the wheels axles done as well

Rod with some one's trusty bucket trying to hide from us all.

Farther Christmas trying his Christmas present out, as the grass is normally covered with snow!   

John C getting his traction engine in to steam ready for a steam test.

Dan & Mark seeing if this Speedy boiler is any good before they go any further.

Peter having a good look.

Peter again checking the traction engine with Mark second in command

As I let the lads were going to a have a run about on the sm32

A gas powered Mamod


Sunday 6th

A very mild December morning after all the high wind that we have been having. I found Brian and Chris very busy making a new temporary station (top secrete, job I was told) and need helping, So I got stuck in. Allan Dave and Rod were busy getting weeds out the pond. Dan & Mark were putting ballast in the last bit of SM32 track. Peter was busy painting in the kitchen area. Mark B was busy with fair light repairs in doors. Rodney was with us on the top secrete, job putting a bit of fence up. I believe, Peter Mc Brian Dave Chris Mike were all down the compound area working way on their jobs L& B for one. 

About to start putting more slabs down.

Dave telling Allan & Rod keep heads down look busy getting weeds out he's about again!

A new recruit with the camera Brian

Chris doing what he dose best POSING!!

Yep posing with a brume. Note Brian's brume is working behind you Chris! Rodney busy fence making.

Some new steeps been tried in place.

Allan's Garret in steam.